All Time Low – Future Hearts

Hold On Tight, This Album’s a Wild One


Release Date: April 3, 2015
Label: Hopeless Records
Rocks Like: You Me At Six, We Are The In Crowd
Recommended Track(s): Kids In The Dark, Missing You, The Edge of Tonight
Rating: ****


At this point, All Time Low should probably be a household name. I mean, who hasn’t heard of them? Future Hearts makes album number 6 for these boys and the development across the years can be heard by anyone with a working pair of ears. With guest appearances by Mark Hoppus and Joel Madden, this album set big expectations before it was even released. The Baltimore boys have come a long way since the Dear Maria days but they still very much know how to make great music and have fun doing it.

The album opens up with a strong, anthem-like intro that does well to build the listener up and prepare them for the rollercoaster ride the remainder of the album is sure to take them on. Future Hearts comes with a dynamic mix of upbeat and melodic tracks, pulling you from one mood to the next in four minutes or less. One minute you’re pumped up and ready to start a riot, the next you’re feeling laid back and relaxed with the smooth vocals of Alex Gaskarth (and then Mark Hoppus and Joel Madden) wash over you and bring a smile to your face.

In early March, All Time Low released a music video for the single Kids In The Dark and upon listening to the full album, we feel that was the best choice. This song is one of the strongest on the album and one of the most catchy. Lyrically it’s not only powerful, but an anthem to any and all fans that are struggling with feeling alone or lost. It’s a track everyone somewhat expects from All Time Low at this point and though it certainly does bear a resemblance to earlier tracks from the band like Weightless (Nothing Personal, 2009) or Time Bomb (Dirty Work, 2011), it can’t be denied how much the band has grown and developed over the years, too.

What about those guest vocals though? Perhaps it has something to do with all the hype in the news about Blink-182 lately, but from the moment All Time Low announced there would be guest vocals from Mark Hoppus, we expected big things from this track. We certainly weren’t disappointed by the song but surprised for sure! Tidal Waves slows things down a bit which allows it to really sink in how well Alex Gaskarth and Mark Hoppus’s voices play together. Plus, what could be better than collaborating with one of the artists that inspired you to become a band in the first place? Our favorite part of this one is towards the end. Listen for how the beat picks up and really gets you going! Then we’ve got Bail Me Out featuring Joel Madden of Good Charlotte and we’ve got to say, this song is fun. Bassist Zack Merrick blows it out of the park with the hard hitting bass line straight from the start of the song. Joel enters with his vocals early on and blends almost seemlessly with Alex’s own vocals. The poppy vibe in this song is strong and it is greatly advised that you turn this song up, roll down the windows and sing along as loud as you can. Trust us, we’re experts.

Two more noteworthy tracks from this album. Dancing With A Wolf will catch your attention from the second it kicks in. The track opens strong and makes you fall in love instantly. This one is notably heavier and darker than the other tracks on the album and it packs a nice punch. If you were starting to calm down because of the slower tracks before it, by the end of this song you’ll find your second wave of energy, that’s for sure. The Edge of Tonight is another one you won’t want to miss. This one lies on the melodic side yet still remains upbeat. What stands out most about this one is the vocals. Alex’s singing remains strong and he lets himself get stylistic at the perfect times. We could listen to this one on repeat based solely on the vocal approach. Listen closer and you’ll be drawn in by the rhythmic drums and the smooth guitar. Don’t miss the piano accents either. Slower songs are an important part of any album and this one doesn’t disappoint.

In all, Future Hearts did not disappoint. It’s got a good blend of upbeat and slower songs and a great array of heartfelt lyrics we’ve all come to expect from All Time Low. A few songs could have used a better ending as quite a few ended abruptly and throws the listener for a loop, but that could have simply been a means to keep us on our toes. Whether you’re an old school All Time Low fan, a newer fan, or one that’s been there non-stop, we’re sure that you’ll be pleased with how this album turned out.

Track Listing:

1. Satellite
2. Kicking & Screaming
3. Something’s Gotta Give
4. Kids In The Dark
5. Runaways
6. Missing You
7. Cinderblock Garden
8. Tidal Waves (Feat. Mark Hoppus)
9. Don’t You Go
10. Bail Me Out (Feat. Joel Madden)
11. Dancing With A Wolf
12. The Edge of Tonight
13. Old Scars / Future Hearts

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