Blessed By A Broken Heart – Feel The Power

Gnarly, Heavy-Hitting, And Illin’ From Start To Finish

BBABH-Feel The Power-ReviewRelease Date: January 24, 2012
Label: Tooth and Nail
Rocks Like: Crashdiet, Steel Panther, and Dynazty
Recommended Track(s): Forever, Rockin’ All Night
Rating: ****1/2

As I sit here on my Macbook, boom box blaring, leather jacket over my totally fave Motley Crue band t, tight acid wash jeans, neon leg warmers, scrunchie tied side pony, I can tell you I am to the max stoked that the dudes of Blessed By a Broken Heart have been at it again with their latest album, Feel The Power. A fresh and bitchin’ follow up to their totally radical 2008 release, Pedal to the Metal. So what can you expect from these party hearty, bad to the bone stud muffins? Answer is, a gnarly heavy hitting album that’s illin’ from start to finish. Kick ass, fist pounding, and fueled by the excess of the 80’s. Feel The Power is packed tight with shredding guitar riffs, massive hooks, epic choruses, and totally tubular gang vocals that will have anyone up and ready for a good old-fashioned slam dance, so come on and Feel The Power.

Haha totally kidding…wow, that just happened. I apologize, I just really have a less than desirable amount of opportunities to practice and perfect my 80’s banter. But, on a more serious note, I’m so terribly excited by this album. Montreal based Myspace-Famous Blessed By a Broken Heart have really done it this time. The BBABH boys have certainly found their focus third time round, progressing far from their metalcore debut All is Fair and far from their original line-up (with only one remaining original member Tyler Hoare). Moving on to Pedal to the Medal we heard the start of something beautiful, a fun, inventive take on combining modern metalcore with the energy of the 80’s and charm of glam rock, making it pretty much impossible for the album not to warm your cold over-saturated screamo heart.

In a scene constantly obsessed with “more more more”, more breakdowns, more heaviness, and more brutality, its nice to hear something different, a band selling a completely unique brand of metal.

“I’ve been waiting patiently for something super fun to listen to, and the boys of Blessed By a Broken Heart certainly delivered. I also conveniently needed a new workout playlist.”

Feel The Power is everything I could have asked for from my Canadian boys, they finally fine-tuned their sound knocking out much of the unnecessary screaming, and leaving it only where it counts and helps intensify breakdowns. Instrumentally the album showcases just how far the boys have come, and how perfecting a bands line-up is key. With suitably named Shred Sean effortlessly hammering on his 6-string, spilling huge guitar solos, reminding us that in spirit of the 80’s you can never have too much solo, or maybe you can… two minute guitar solo later. We get it, you rock. Tony Gambino also shines through his capable lyrics and vocal variety we get a glimpse at what this guy is really made of. From power vocals and reminiscent screams in Love Nightmare to a smooth and syrupy range of that love song (I’ve Got You) you wish your mullet rocking boyfriend would coo to you from the tail gate of his pick up truck. It’s also a nice compliment to have plenty of back-up vocals and gangs throughout the album adding yet another dimension of solid 80’s power.

Can you feel your blood rising and your adrenaline starting to pump? From the heavy-hitting interlude of Deathwish, you can already tell you’re in for a ride with these bad ass Christian boys and their less talk (about Jesus) more rock mentality. I’m pleased to announce that this is no 2 or 3 hit wonder album, this album is solid from beginning to end, with no songs I annoyingly need to skip over. So let the fist pumping commence.

Following Deathwish is Shut Up and Rock, an 80’s party rock anthem for the modern day kids, epic. I am also absolutely in love with Tony’s voice in this song, so badass sexy, and then throw in a little bit of screaming… swoon. Track 3 starts off with a gentle keys intro but then quickly builds up into the heaviest song on the album where we get more of a flashback into the metalcore past of the BBABH boys.

Track 4, Forever is the album highlight for me, and also the first single made into a music video. Check it out:

This is also the song I catch myself holding on repeat and singing-a-long to any time I get in my car. Everything about this one just works, the lyrics, the epic intro, the solos, this one has definitely captured some 80’s magic. Getting around to the romance of track 7, I’ve Got You made me wonder if I was still listening to the same album, slightly out of place, but this little power ballad warms my heart and offers a nice little mid-album break-up. Moving into Rockin’ All Night lyrically we have my favourite track, “Wearing our hearts on these cut off sleeves… got my girl my guitar everything I need, and the sunrise waving back at me,” golden. The second half of the album builds back up to full on 80’s glory, and besides, what can you possibly expect from any track that starts out with the purring of a Harley or the wheels of a skateboard on the pavement, surely something bad ass. Right? Sleepless Nights definitely ends the album on a high note, pulling out all the stops for an epic end to an epic album. Thanks boys.

Overall, I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am to see Blessed By A Broken Heart on tour in the near future, definitely a defining moment in my eyes as to whether these modern age pretty boys can truly keep up with standards set high by classic 80’s rock legends. Maybe it’s the skin tight jeans, animal print everything, or hair fluffier than mine, but there is something so incredibly sexy about all that is glam rock, no pressure, but these boys had better bring it. Until then, shut up and rock!

Track Listing:
1. Deathwish
2. Shut Up and Rock
3. Love Nightmare
4. Forever
5. Thunder Dome
6. Holdin’ Back for Nothin’
7. I’ve Got You
8. Rockin’ All Night
9. Scream It Like You Mean It
10. Skate or Die
11. Innocent Blood
12. Sleepless Nights

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