Mayday Parade – Black Lines

Let’s Be Honest, It May Be Good As Gold

Mayday-Parade-Black-Lines-coverRelease Date: October 9, 2015

Label: Fearless Records

Rocks Like:  Cute Is What We Aim For, The Maine, You Me At Six
Recommended Track(s):  Hollow, Keep in Mind, Transmogrification Is a New Technology, All On Me

I don’t know about you, but we here at Remember Media have been waiting for this album forever… And it’s finally here! Black Lines does not fail to impress. Well, Mayday Parade never fails to impress. Each album has always been slightly different than the last, but this time it’s a whole new sound altogether; a side to Mayday Parade we have not yet heard before. Yes, we may have caught glimpses here and there, but now we can see all of the darkness.

The raw vocals are there. That angelic voice of Derek Sanders vehement as always. It’s familiar enough to be recognized as Mayday Parade, but different enough to not be written off as another niché album. The band has grown ever-so confident as a group, allowing their sound to evolve over the years.  You can tell through the evident passion, that they are now writing music and lyrics that they love.

It’s a sound that is much darker, and heavier in comparison to past Mayday Parade albums. Black Lines does mix in Mayday Parade’s classic “love-ballad-sound” in song’s like in Keep in Mind, Transmogrification is A New Technology, Until You’re Big Enough, and One of Us. The lyrics for the album are heavier and more poetic, even though most songs still tell a tale of a dead romance. There are also lyrics for empowering today’s youth, as heard in Until You’re Big Enough.  It’s clear to see this album is written genuinely for Mayday Parade and not the cliché fan base.

As for the instruments, the guitars have dropped a couple octaves to create a more eerie, more ominous sound, and the percussion has taken the reigns to give the album that classic post-hardcore vibe. Black Lines also at times has a bit of an Indie rock sound here and there; a sound we tend to expect from bands like Arctic Monkeys or Cage the Elephant.

“‘Hollow’ is a perfect example of how their traditional love song has been transformed into a more mature sound; it’s also a song that will be stuck in your soul for days.”

Overall, this album will be one to remember. Mayday Parade is a great band, and now we’ve experienced their music on a deeper level.  Yes, they had found success in their earlier sound, but lucky for us they weren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone to show us another facet of their musicianship. This brave endeavor will surely help them branch out to a new crowd, and also gain fan respect on a whole new level.

Come back and let us know how much these songs rock live at the AP Tour !!!!

Track Listing:
1. One of Them Will Destroy the Other (feat. Dan Lambton)
2. Just Out of Reach
3. Hollow
4. Letting Go
5. Let’s Be Honest
6. Keep in Mind, Transmogrification Is a New Technology
7. Narrow
8. Underneath the Tide
9. All on Me
10. Until You’re Big Enough
11. Look Up and See Infinity, Look Down and See Nothing
12. One of Us

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