Pierce The Veil – Collide With The Sky

The Band That Can’t Do Anything Wrong

Pierce The Veil CoverRelease Date: July 17, 2012
Label: Fearless Records
Rocks Like: Chiodos, Sleeping With Sirens, Of Mice & Men
Recommended Track(s): King for a Day, Tangled in the Great Escape
Rating: *****

On my list of bands that can’t do anything wrong, Pierce The Veil proves again why they’re at the top, and undoubtedly leaders of their scene. Coming from a band that set the bar sky high last time round, Pierce The Veil truly had no other option than to “Collide with the Sky” this time.

And that they did, back and ready to tell the tale where “Selfish Machines” left off Pierce The Veil is here with their third studio release entitled “Collide With The Sky.” A beautifully crafted album recorded by producers Dan Korneff and Kato Khandwala (Mayday Parade, Paramore, A Day To Remember) that coolly sold 27,000 copies in the United States in its inaugural week, landing it at #12 on the Billboard 200 Chart. From this album fans can expect more of what they already adore about Pierce The Veil, layers upon layers of visually stunning lyrics, masterfully crafted melodies, intelligent breakdowns, and overall brilliant songwriting topped with a cherry of the collaboration of the year.

I mean really…Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens) in one song; my life is pretty much complete now. Although, not everyone agreed about this collaboration as some thought inviting the hottest new vocalist of the genre to sing perhaps the most memorable line on the albums’ first single King for a Day seemed slightly risqué. However, as I said before PTV can do no wrong. The collaboration turned out pure genius, and the chemistry between the two vocalists made for on of the most talked about tracks of the year, not to mention the sexiest Oceans Eleven-esque band heist music video, and a tour highlight across the country as Kellin Quinn joined Vic for his part during the Van’s Warped Tour.

But what about the slightly less publicized cameo from Jason Butler of Letlive? In Tangled in the Great Escape (one of the album highlights for me), I love the way ugly chords are softened by mesmerizing vocals as well as the contrasting harmony between the frail wavering of Vic’s voice that and the warm and comfortable tones of Jason Butler. This track is a prime example of the way PTV uses anticipation as a signature component in their music, building up layers and layers of sound just to let it fall back apart into something simple, like lone piano.

But if those collaborations sent from the heavens aren’t enough, perhaps the rich layers of masterfully crafted melodies, intricately written lyrics, cooing vocals and crashing guitar and drums that is so distinctly Pierce The Veil will be. It’s refreshing to find an album so powerful without being polluted by an unnecessary overabundance of double kicks and illegible screaming.

“Overall the mood of the album is dark, as visually stunning lyrics, and captivating metaphors tell new tales of old broken hearts. Separate me from my own two hands, I’ve killed so many times, but I can’t save the world from the creatures that don’t die.”

Each member of the band plays their part, Mike Fuentes is such a dynamic drummer who breaks it down so well, taking listeners on a rollercoaster of breakdowns, with absolutely massive build-ups going from loud and crashing to slow and grooving. And then Jaime Preciado on bass has a ton of attitude, punching his sound out once in awhile to sign his signature on the album. The guitar from Tony Perry is intricate and well played, offering Flamenco style Spanish guitar breakdowns that I dare you to find anywhere else in the scene. And finally, Vic’s talent in vocals is undeniable, he sings with so much emotion and clearly articulated tones- his voice could literally tell a tale without words. From arrogance and confidence, to frail and weak, to fun and spooky, he is the boy with a thousand sounds. Together the band’s songwriting abilities surpass many of their label counterparts.

Like its predecessors Collide with the Sky is sprinkled with a little Pierce The Veil post production magic, little sounds and effects that are repeated no where else on the album add a definite intrigue. Like a good wine, the album gets better with age as many of little subtleties are lost in the first listen but surface as you become better acquainted with the 12 tracks.

The tale of Collide with the Sky ends slow and gentle with Hold on Till May, like a sunset at the end of the day the track is the perfect finale to a perfect album. The soft voice of Lindsey Stamey paired with sections of muted vocals from Vic and an overall lullaby sound. Vic is the voice to the guy at the edge of your bed singing you to sleep and keeping you safe from the monsters under your bed.

Writing reviews on bands like Pierce the Veil is always simple because there is nothing more straightforward then complimenting well-written music. Everyone that knows anything about song writing can find something to appreciate within the bands many skillfully tracked layers. Overall, Collide with the Sky is another brilliant release from the boys of Pierce The Veil. You can catch these songs live along with their older stuff this summer on The Van’s Warped Tour or this fall as they headline their very own Collide with the Sky Tour alongside Sleeping with Sirens, Tonight Alive, and Hands Like Houses.

Track Listing:

  1. May These Noises Startle You in Your Sleep Tonight
  2. Hell Above
  3. A March into Water
  4. King for a Day (ft. Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens)
  5. Bulls in the Bronx
  6. Props & Mayhem
  7. Tangled in the Great Escape (ft. Jason Butler of Letlive.)
  8. I’m Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket
  9. The First Punch
  10. One Hundred Sleepless Nights
  11. Stained Glass Eyes and Colorful Tears
  12. Hold on Till May (ft. Lindsey Stamey of Oh No Fiasco)

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