The Ready Set – The Bad & The Better

Ready For A Summer Fling? Here’s Your Musical Crush Of The Summer

trsalbumRelease Date: May 27, 2014
Label: Razor & Tie
Rocks Like: Fall Out Boy, Allstar Weekend, Owl City, One Direction
Recommended Track(s): Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever), Freakin’ Me Out, & Bleeding
Rating: ***

Ready for a summer-fling? The Bad & The Better is here and ready to be fallen for. It’s been a long 3 years since darling Jordan Witzigreuter AKA The Ready Set gave us something new to smile about. Well, just in time for summer he’s back with “The Bad & The Better” the soundtrack to your summer.

With a label switch from Warner to Razor & Tie a lot has happened since the days of “I’m Alive, I’m Dreaming. Slightly more mature in sound and lyrical content, the album is still everything fans are hoping for. Cute and cuddly, “The Bad & The Better” is made of cotton candy and the fluffiest kittens, playful like puppies and happy like ice cream in the summertime.

After taking a listen, I’m almost certain Witzigreuter not only has the hardest last name to pronounce ever, but also a little OCD. Think about it, not only does he play every instrument for The Ready Set, but now on The Bad & The Better he seems to attempt to be the best at as many musical genres as possible, from dubstep club remix “Fangz” to lovesick romance ballad “For The Better” which in case you didn’t know was written for Taylor Swift, cute. All in all, the album seemed a little scattered, which is to be expected for being written over a 3-year period.

Like the album states clearly, there are some bad, and there are some better. Take “Fangz,” for instance. Ugh putting a “z” or “x” in a title it doesn’t belong is like putting the final nail in the coffin, and tells us before we even listen that the song is probably going to blow. I think Brokencyde circa 2009 proved this point 3 times over when they put not 1, but 3 “x’s” in the tragedy of a song “Freaxxx”. Also, unless you’re looking to be disappointed, don’t expect any deep, thought provoking, technical nonsense from this album, this one is meant for pure, simple, goodhearted fun.

We’ve got to give Witzigreuter some credit for attempting to expand his creative horizons, but frankly WE love him best when he sticks to what HE knows best- bubblegum pop, and when he does… magic happens. This album is full of so many hooks; it instantly got stuck in my head. Seriously, I will probably hit repeat until my friends threaten to stop talking to me. Songs like Freakin’ Me Out, Bleeding, and Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) are so damn catchy! Although, I can’t help but feel as though I’ve heard the song “Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)” before once, or twice, or nearly every day for the last 3 months. Like the lyrics suggest, “She said, “I love this song. I’ve heard it before”… yeah when One Direction did the exact same song. I think a fight to the death may be in order to see who in fact is actually “Dancing to the best song ever.” My money’s definitely on The Ready Set.

night. Be sure to catch Jordan Witzigreuter and his spunky, adorable self on The Van’s Warped Tour all summer!

Track Listing:

  1. Higher
  2. Freakin’ Me Out
  3. Are We Happy Now?
  4. Fangz
  5. Carry Me Home
  6. Luxury
  7. Bitter and the Sweetness
  8. Don’t You Need Me
  9. Bleeding
  10. Castaway (feat. Jake Miller)
  11. Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)
  12. For the Better
  13. More Than This
  14. Terrible Things

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