Band 2 Watch: Fighting For Ithaca

A Lesson On Taking Over The World With The Boys of FFI

Date: July 26, 2012
By: Desiree Mark

Nothing makes me smile more than a little pop rock in the summertime. You know, the songs you’re singing surrounded by your friends on the way to the beach with the windows down. This year, one of our favourite summer anthems has got to be “Last Chance” by Vancouver’s own, Fighting For Ithaca. This track has not only secured them a spot on major hit radio stations across the city but has also earned them their rightful place on Remember MEdia’s EXCLUSIVE “Bands To Watch” list.


Some people still believe that to make it in the music industry you just have to get lucky. Well, the talented boys of Fighting For Ithaca have proven otherwise. Why wait around when you can just show labels that they probably don’t want to pass you up.

“Gone are the days spent trying to land your demo in the right hands, now thanks to the likes of social media, it’s a little easier to straight up demand attention.”

By writing catchy melodies and sing-a-long chorus’s FFI gathered an entourage of dedicated fans (or “Ithacans” as they prefer to be called). These superfans wanted to hear more of what the boys had to offer and knew that getting them signed to a successful label would certainly help. Together the Ithacans joined forces and blew up the twitter pages of successful Vancouver label 604 Records (Carly Rae Jepsen, Marianna’s Trench, My Darkest Days, and Tommy Lee). From there, the rest is history; Fighting For Ithaca is set to release their debut album on 604To The Rescue” this fall.

A lot has happened for Fighting For Ithaca since joining the 604 family. On July 26, 2012, Remember MEdia was invited to the studios of local SONiC Radio 104.9 to watch in on an intimate acoustic performance and on-air interview with the boys. The studio was packed tight with Ithacans who had won their limited spots to the session earlier in the week. FFI charmed their way through a short interview, telling dangerous tales of what not to do while on tour and the finer points of partying like rockstars. Later on, the excitable chatter of the crowd fell silent as the first notes of “Last Chance” rang out through the studio, as fans were treated to an acoustic rendition of the bands ever popular single.

“Host, DJ Trouble was thoroughly impressed by the boys and the fact that they won their first ever SONiC Spin-off (a radio competition to see if the band had what it takes to earn a spot in circulation) against notorious pop god Justin Bieber, even after being forewarned that this was probably the worst time to EVER try and enter competition. The boys not only beat out Bieber but were pulling upwards of 600 votes an evening, as they continued their streak of wins against an array of international superstars.”

DSC_3209The boys of Fighting For Ithaca not only have a charming sound, but perhaps even more charming personalities; always taking the time to hang with fans and reply to online notes and questions. Together Fighting For Ithaca have an abundance of energy and fun that can light up any room they walk in to. Cheers to bands that not only play music together, but get drunk together on weekends! I like the way you can just tell there’s never a dull moment when these boys are together. It’s also nice to see such genuine modesty and appreciation from a band that’s recently had the world handed to them.

With a music video filmed and on its way, a debut album release on 604 dropping this fall, and a western Canadian tour commencing late August, there’s really no stopping the boys of Fighting For Ithaca. Combine this with their charming personalities, abundance of musical talent, and boyish good looks, and they have well earned their spot on Remember MEdia’s “Bands To Watch” list. Where to next boys? Baby take my hand let’s go…


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