Blink 182 Release Heart-warming New Video For “Home Is Such A Lonely Place”

Mark’s wife and son waving goodbye in the driveway…

Matt saying goodbye to his dog as he gives those sad puppy eyes…

Travis giving a final wave...

Goodbyes are never easy, especially when they’re backed by the gentle sound of a guitar playing one of the most heartfelt songs we’ve ever heard from Blink-182.

Check out the video here:

Thanks for the morning tear-jerker there Blink. This DIY-looking music video by Jason Goldwatch is the perfect representation of this song. The glimpse into the guys’ home-life is just so raw, genuine, and beautiful. From Mark teaching his son some chords on the guitar, to Travis playfully lick-and-sticking some tattoos on his sons face, the video shows the true sacrifice these guys make when they leave for tour.

“The video for ‘Home is Such a Lonely Place’ was probably the easiest we’ve ever filmed,” they write in the video’s description. “All we had to do was be ourselves at home with our family and friends, as we prepared to leave for tour. Consequently, it’s also our most personal and honest videos, and one of my favorites.”

This song is taken from their latest record “California“, be sure to check out the deluxe edition of the album that was released last month, and catch the band this summer while they’re out co-headlining with Linkin Park.

What do you think of this new music video? Would you like to see what more of your favourite bands do before leaving for tour? Let us know in the comments below!


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