Bryan Stars Releases Music Video For ‘Shut Up And Kiss Me’

Bryan Odell, better known as Bryan Stars, started off as the nerdy kid in the infamously tacky blue Aeropostale t-shirt that did awesome interviews. Known for truly representing the fans and always getting the information they wanted, his quirky on camera personality was easy to fall in love with.

Fast forward to now, and he’s making all sorts of dreams come true, and not just for us, but for him as well. Recently he launched his musical career and… whoa is he blowing us away!

“Check out the adorable music video for ‘Shut Up And Kiss Me’ and let the feels pile up. Definitely has us dreaming of long summer nights filled with first dates and puppy love. Shut Up and Kiss Me, seriously someone do it! “

Bryan Stars Follow Your Dreams EP is now available and definitely worth a listen. 

So what are you waiting for? Check out the video below, and in the theme of ‘Shut Up And Kiss Me’, be sure to leave your best first date memories in the comments below❣

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