For All Those Sleeping Announce Break-Up

We Want It To Be Clear That We Are Not Breaking Up…We Have Just Decided To Put An End To For All Those Sleeping

When I first read on David’s Facebook that his band For All Those Sleeping was breaking up, I immediately took a moment to double check my calender, and make sure I wasn’t about to fall for some twisted April fools joke. Unfortunately, it was in fact October and For All Those Sleeping were in fact calling it quits.

It seemed a strange move, coming from the band that on the checklist of things musicians typically dream of seemed to have it all:

Being on one of the industries top labels (Fearless)…check.
A successful release of their latest album “Incomplete Me“…check.
A dedicated, and constantly growing fan base…check.
Tours galore, not to mention being on one right now…check.

The band released this statement today via Facebook:

“When we started this band seven years ago, we had three simple goals. To travel the world, write music that we cared about, and share it with as many people as possible. 22 tours, four continents, 18 countries and three albums later we feel like we have accomplished that goal and now it’s time for us to start the next chapter in our lives. We want it to be clear that we are not breaking up. The same five guys who started this crazy dream are still the same five guys and friends today. We have just decided to put an end to For All Those Sleeping. We want to thank all of our fans for all of the support and memories over the years and as often as it is said, we truly believe we have the best fans period. The Not Your American Idols Tour will be our last tour and our final shows will be in Minnesota on November 14th and Fargo on November 15th. We are making this announcement now so that we can give our fans a chance to see us one last time and so that we can say all of our goodbyes. We look forward to seeing you all at these final shows and cannot express how thankful we are for each and every one of you. Alone we may be lost but together we stood tall.”

We hope the emphasis of that statement is on “We want it to be clear that we are not breaking up…We have just decided to put an end to For All Those Sleeping. ” and that something bigger and better is yet to come.

Only 8 days into the “Not Your American Idols Tour” many of you still can catch For All Those Sleeping, on this fall tour turned farewell tour. Remember MEdia will be at the Seattle date on October 24th  trying to see if we can get to the bottom of this break-up surprise, who will we be seeing there?




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