Jake Taylor of In Hearts Wake Heroically Stops Infamous Warped Tour Headlock

Ok, that title may have been a little dramatic, but it’s true, and this is a very unfortunate and serious situation.  During In Hearts Wake’s set at the Dallas stop of the Vans Warped Tour, frontman Jake Taylor came to the aid of a fan who was being aggressively held in a headlock (to the point of oxygen deprivation causing him to literally “turn blue”) by one of the barriers security guards. Check out the fan-filmed video from the incident below, video credit goes to Instagram user @jezzbeck.

Later, In Hearts Wake frontman Jake Taylor posted this statement via Facebook to speak out on the disgusting misuse of force he had witnessed, and also to potentially find more video evidence of the incident to bring justice to those affected.

“Security guards are 99.9% helpful but it disgusted us to witness the 0.1% at Warped Tour in Dallas who was built like ‘Duke Nukem’ restrain and choke a fan in the crowd for ‘moving towards the barrier’. His head was literally turning blue and all we could read on his lips were ‘I can’t breathe’. It was completely unnecessary, we did our best to intervene whilst every other guard just stood back. If you’re a security guard reading this you need to understand that this is a metal show, not a UFC death match. And if you’re in the mosh you also need to be aware of the consequences, which shouldn’t be the possibility of being put into submission to the point of unconsciousness. Please take care and look out for one other. If anyone else has any videos or photos please let us know so we can help find justice.”

Chances are, we’ve all been pulled out of a mosh pit into the open arms of a caring, smiling security guard at some point in our lives. Or been handed a water bottle by one, when your so hot and tired against the barrier, but not willing to lose your spot even though you feel like you just walked through the Serengeti.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate all the good guards out there that help make concerts a safe and fun experience for everyone, and allow events like the Vans Warped Tour to continue year after year. We want to hear your best ”Saved by Security” story in the comments below!

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