Release Date for Beebs’ Anticipated EP “Eye Shine” Announced

The energetic, kazoo-wielding, dance-party-starting singer and frontwoman of Beebs and her Money Makers has officially announced that her EP, Eye Shine, will be released on June 17th, 2016! Who’s excited? Read on!

A few months ago, Beebs also released a music video for her single off the EP, Ride Around The Sun, which you may or may not have noticed playing in Journeys locations around the U.S. … and if you haven’t be sure to get caught up and check it out right here!

“Best known for her band Beebs and Her Money Makers, this EP is just Beebs, no Money Makers, ie. completely solo! But don’t worry, the band isn’t going anywhere, they’re just not working with her on this particular project.”

Aside from her upcoming EP release, and EP release party on June 17th, you can catch Beebs out on the first nine dates of the upcoming Vans Warped Tour this summer where she will be promoting the album.

We can’t wait!

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