Warped Tour 2012 Scavenger Hunt

Show Us What You’re Made Of!

Date: June 10, 2012
By: Desiree Mark

Bust out your cameras and show us what you’re made of this Warped Tour season! We wrote up a list of things we want to see from this year’s tour, and awarded each photo a point value. On August 10th the RM team will be sitting back and personally browsing through all the entries to see who racked up the most points.

On August 15th, we will be announcing the winner. Along with gaining some fame and face time on RememberMedia.ca we will be awarding them with $100 dollars worth of merch from their favourite Warped Tour artist.

The points will be awarded as follows:

10 points:
1. -A Photo with one of the Remember MEdia Girls
2. -A photo with Ronnie Radke
3. -A photo of 3 people wearing something that is the same (bonus 2 points for each additional person)
4. -A hand written love note from someone on the tour
5. -A photo from on a tour bus
6. -A photo of you crowd surfing

5 points:
7. -A photo of you pretending your selling a band’s merch
8. -A photo of you with a band, doing your best imitation of someone from the band (bonus 10 points if you get a picture of them imitating you!)
9. -A photo of someone in a band wearing something of yours
10. -The best photo bomb of someone else’s fan photo
11. -A photo of you with two security guards pretending they’re your personal body guards

2 Points:
12. -Your best Myspace mirror shot
13. -The weirdest thing you ate at warped tour
14. -A photo of the hottest boy/girl at the show
15. -A photo of your tour dates set list
16. -A photo of a bands set list
17. -The A B C ‘s of Warped Tour, something beginning with A, B, C, etc. (2 points for each photo)
18. -A photo of the most out of place person at the show
19. -A photo of someone doing something embarrassing
20. -A photo of something leopard print
21. -A photo of something zebra print
22. -The most creative tip sign from a merch table
23. -A photo of the best hair at the show
24. -A photo of the best outfit at the show
25. -A photo of the worst outfit at the show

Please send all entries to: rmwarpedcontest2012@remembermedia.ca. Photos must be grouped together in one message, and be no larger than 500kb/photo. Be sure to title each photo with the corresponding entry number (1-25). Winner will be announced August 15, 2012. We look forward to seeing your entries lovelies! Best of luck.


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