When Vampires Grow Up, The Killing Lights (Ft. Michael Vampire) Premiere New Song & Video “Lies Spread Like Fire”

Our friends at Revolver teamed up with The Killing Lights to premiere their new song and video for ‘Lies Spread Like Fire‘.

Here at Remember MEdia we can’t be more ‘fang’-kful that Michael Orlando AKA Michael “Vampire” finally grew out of the whole Twilight gone-goth themed shock-rock band Vampires Everywhere! As fun as it was while it lasted, it was a band doomed from the start in regards to staying power within the industry (and we were just about out of vampire puns).

After a near fatal car accident involving a drunk driver flipping his tour van early in his career, Michael was pronounced D.O.A. before somehow making a miraculous recovery. Since that fateful day, his brush with death continually feeds his passion for music, making him an unstoppable musician, and one of the most passionate people I know. After Vampire’s Everywhere! started deviating away from Michael’s original vision for the band, he decided to bring it all back to where his heart lies- metal. You can tell this time round there is no stopping Michael or his new band The Killing Lights.

“I am beyond excited to finally release the ‘Lies Spread Like Fire’ video,” said Michael. “We all fight our own demons from time to time, and this is about standing up after the fight. We wanted to keep it as raw as possible, which I feel we achieved using L.A. street culture as the main storyline and aesthetic. This video is for all the fans and people that have stuck with me this past year. Together we will change everything.”

The Killing Lights are expected to release their self-produced, self-titled debut EP sometime in September for free as a gift to the fans who have stood by Michael’s side through it all. The band plans to tour extensively into 2015 before heading to the studio to get started on their first full-length release.

We can’t wait.


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