Breathe Carolina Collaborate With Candyland, Announce New Song & Tour

For The First Time We  Can’t Wait To Be In ‘The Friend Zone [Tour]’

We all knew it was coming, the day when Breathe Carolina finally pushed the boundaries between the screamo/rock scene so far that they tripped and fell in the EDM/electronic scene.  Starting October 27, just over the boarder in Seattle, WA, Breathe Carolina will be embarking on ‘The Friend Zone Tour‘ a 26 day electronic adventure alongside co-headliners Candyland, and supporters Flinch, and Dotcom.

Be sure to check out their catchy new collaboration  ‘Find Someone‘ with Candyland, for a glimpse of what you can expect this tour-round.

Professionally speaking, its a smart move on Breathe Carolina’s part, as well as a great opportunity to expand their fan base to a new genre, and work on that empire they’ve been growing. Pre-sale tickets are now on sale here.






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