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How To Warped Tour: RM Girls Desiree & Odessa Tell You Everything You Need To Know

With the start of the Vans Warped Tour just over two weeks away RM Girls Desiree and Odessa share their tips and trick for making this years tour, your best one yet!

Everything from how to get backstage to not dying, the girls have you covered!

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How To: Your RM Guide to Warped Tour 2016!

With Vans Warped Tour well underway and quickly coming to a city near you, we here at RememberMEdia thought why not make our own one-of-a-kind guide to make this years Vans Warped Tour the best one yet!
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Dazzle/Annoy All Your Friends With New iMessage Updates!

Looking for a new way to irritate and annoy all of your besties via text message? Have we got news for you! Apple has just announced their updates for iMessage in iOS 10 launching this fall, and boy oh boy they’ve created some doozies…

Here are the main ones we think you wont be able to live without!
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French Girls – The Selfie Drawing Must-Have App You Can’t Live Without!

How have I never heard of this app before!?

The latest (ok so maybe it was released nearly 2 years ago, where have I been seriously?)  and greatest app for our narcissistic generation. Introducing ‘French Girls’  the award winning app that claims to be “a marketplace for commissioned artwork inspired by selfies”.
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If You Hate The World, You’ll Love These- *NEW* Goth Emojis

For those days when a winkie face or even the *NEW* highly regarded taco emoji just can’t quite correctly express your hatred for the world.

Stockholm-based artist and illustrator Lisen Haglund has created her own library of dark and evilicious goth emojis.
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Mermaid Hair 101 – D.I.Y Hair Color Tips & Tricks

So you finally decided that it’s time to let your inner mermaid/merman out, to become the candy coated punk rock scene kid you’ve always dreamed, to stop being held back by the fear of damaging your hair… or you finally got permission from the parental unit. All the same, it’s your time to shine in an “unnaturally” colored mane. When the time comes when one feels ready to venture out into the world of colored hair, but cannot go to a professional, why not do it at home? Don’t get us wrong, there are risks, and some colors are near impossible to achieve without the help of a professional, however, our readers aren’t afraid to get a little messy, and we like that! So  If you’re feeling brave today, do it yourself or better yet call a friend for help. Why not make it a fun day out of it? I’ll share some of my “do it at home” tips with you to make it go a tad bit smoother.
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Top 10 Runway Looks From VALT, Vancouver’s Alternative Fashion Week(end)

Remember MEdia’s very own Desiree Mark, had the pleasure of spending the weekend at Vancouver’s Alternative Arts & Fashion Week, where she compiled her “Top 10 Runway Looks From VALT, Vancouver’s Alternative Fashion Week(end)” – This is VALT 2015!
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How To Halloween- In True Remember MEdia Style

Candy, Parties, FUN…Halloween! It’s Coming!

It’s almost Halloween time! And being that it’s by far one of the funnest days of the year, why not make a big deal about it! Here at Remember MEdia we tend to make a big deal about everything, so I’ll share my enthusiasm with you. No, I won’t read you the remaining time on the countdown calendar, and there are already about a million complicated posts about why we celebrate Halloween, but let’s be honest… present day 2015 it’s all about the FREE candy/ treats and dressing up like total weirdos with no one saying anything about it.
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