Cry Venom Releases Lyric Video for ‘Wolfsbane’

We all thought Jacky Vincent was done and just going solo, but surprise, surprise he is now a proud member of Cry Venom, and they just released a new lyric video. Check it out below!

Cry Venom is made up by Aleksey Smirnov on vocals, Jacky Vincent on guitar, Colton Majors on keyboard, Niko Gemini on bass, and Wyatt Cooper on drums. They’ve certainly been busy with getting started and finding their own following.  ‘Wolfsbane’ is an energetic yet heavy track with quite an amazing instrumental presence. There’s no doubt it’s Jacky on guitar, his talent is recognizable anywhere, but Cry Venom isn’t just Jacky. All the members of the band seem to posses great talent. With this new sound and potential Cry Venom is definitely a band to keep an eye on, check out the lyric video for Cry Venom’s ‘Wolfsbane’ and comment below what you think.

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