Emarosa Release New Video for “But You Won’t Love A Ghost”

Emarosa embraces simplicity with this beautiful new black and white video for their singleBut You Won’t Love A Ghost.” Check it out below!

All black everything! Performance shots of the band intertwined with Bradley Walden floating on water. Forget the gimmicks and the current trend of overindulgence flooding the music video world, this one takes it back to what its really all about- the music.

The lack of distraction  is what makes this video truly stand out, allowing us to really capture the essense of the song, and hear those beautiful instrumentals, and captivating voice of Emarosa frontman Bradley Walden.

What do you think? Do you prefer a more natural, simplistic video, or something extravagant and crazy? We’d love to hear your thoughts on “But You Wont’ Love A Ghost” below.

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