Goth Kids Across The World Rejoice As Kuro Burger Arrives In Japan

The Black Burger – Officially The Most Metal Cheeseburger Yet

Turns out there is yet another reason why Japan is probably better than wherever you’re from. That’s right, starting September 19th in Japan you can go into a Burger King and order the now infamous Kuro Burger (“kuro” meaning black, obviously).

Screen shot 2014-09-12 at 2.42.23 PM

Typically when my food ends up black, its usually involves a whole lot of running around chaotically with a tea towel coaxing the smoke out of my apartment to the tune of my smoke alarm screeching in the background. That or, the odd occasion when I find long lost cheese or some other scary adventure in the back of my refrigerator; neither pleasurable experiences, to say the least.

“Sure the black bun, whose colour is derived from bamboo charcoal, may disturb you, and the black squid-ink mayo oozing out over the edges may cause you to second guess your life choices, but for me the deal breaker is that freaky unnaturally glossy black cheese. Not sure how the whole thing will actually taste, in it’s full coal-squid-ink-flavour deliciousness.”

Yummy or not, you can’t help but marvel at how badass it looks.

Overall, this perfect Halloween delicacy has me even more excited for all the craziness that’s waiting for us early next year when your very own RM girls take over Tokyo.

Until then, nom nom.


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