Inked Magazine Music Tour

With All Human, Glamour Of The Kill, Vampires Everywhere!, In Fear And Faith, and Alesana

Date: October 22, 2012
Venue: El Corazon
City: Seattle, WA
Highlight: Being interviewed with Vampires Everywhere!
Pretending to be in their band.
Reviewed By: Desiree Mark

Solo sing-along-dance-party on the way to Seattle to shoot the second annual Inked Magazine Music Tour. I’m missing my partners in crime, but I can’t stand the thought of missing out on this one.

First things first, when crossing international boarders NEVER use the term “shooting” to refer to taking photographs. IE. “I am going to Seattle to shoot a band”. The boarder guard might be slightly unimpressed which may lead to a fun-filled shopping-postponing question and answer period. An uncomfortable interrogation later, Lesson learned.

It was a rainy night in Seattle, turning up at the venue and heading straight to the bar I am greeted by a sexy vampire wearing tighter pants than I myself have ever rocked. My dear old friend Michael of Vampires Everywhere! Whom I hadn’t seen since our last adventure in Vancouver over a year ago which involved J-Rock band X-Japan, some bejeweled polar bear fur coats and all the other necessities of being big in Japan. It’s always great to catch up with old friends over a rock show.

Now, down to business. First up was All Human, which started the tour of rather confusingly knowing the loudness of what was to follow. Who invited the indie rockers?  By no means am I saying they were bad, I actually really enjoyed their haunting tone. Just a little mellow and out of place amongst double kicks and thrashing guitar riffs.

Back at the bar, over a double Jack and Coke, Michael offered plenty of praise for the next act British Rockers Glamour Of The Kill, and I quote, “Definitely check them out, they’re going to be big, you just wait and see.”

First and foremost I’d like to give a big Remember MEdia welcome to Glamour Of The Kill, welcome to our side of the world. On their very first United States tour the boys had some big expectations to overwhelm.

“I must admit I had only ever heard of, but never heard these boys, but they managed to swoon me quickly with proper guitar riffs, vocals with a touch of 80’s swagger, and charming UK accents.”

Think Bullet For My Valentine meets the appropriate amount of Blessed By A Broken Heart, with a little less cliché. By the end of the set, the crowd was thoroughly convinced that the GOTK boys are welcome back any time.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! And there goes my professional writing career. Next up was Vampires Everywhere! And seriously, I can barely listen to Hellbound and Heartless at night without starting to hear things and cautiously glance over my shoulder every few minutes.”

With dead eyes and enough pentagrams to scare off anyone religious in the room, Vampires Everywhere! were perfectly in season. Michael and the rest of VE! crept on stage wearing clothes straight from your nightmares, your sexy nightmares of course. They played a dark set proving how difficult it can be to execute a flawless performance of a sample heavy album. I was interested to see them rep their new sound, as Kiss the Sun Goodbye and Hellbound and Heartless were two very unalike albums. However, transitioning between the differences seemed both effortless and seamless, probably because everyone was too distracted by the boys’ shocking look. Needless to say, their cult of fans were thoroughly pleased by their performance, and their set was slightly terrifying in the best way. Out of all the shows I had to cover alone, this shouldn’t have been the one. Eek!

Later on in a slightly tipsy manner I was taken backstage by Michael to do very bad things… an interview. And by interview I mean somehow end up being interviewed by a fellow Canadian media company pretending I was part of Vampires Everywhere! Temporary band member right here. I’m sure you can check this interview out in a few days at I wonder if they knew I wasn’t actually in the band…jk jk. Silly Canadians.

In Fear And Faith was up next, and the perfect band to prepare the anxious crowd for headliners Alesana. First thing on my to do list when I return home is to add IFAF to my current playlist, you should too. Their sound is so strong, and one of those bands that instantly give you chills. The piano, and electronic elements lend compliment to both the screaming and melodic vocals. Their sound is so orchestral and big enough to fill any room. By far slightly understated in the music world.

Finally, it was time for Alesana to hit the stage. Having not seen them since Warped Tour circa 2008 I was curious to see what had happened in the last 4 years.

“By the time the first chorus sounded I remembered why Alesana will always have a place in my heart. The vocal handoffs between Shawn Milke and Dennis Lee are stunning and executed in some rare form of perfect harmony. By now it was clear to see who the majority of the crowd was here for as the El Corazon crashed to life.”

The intimacy of the venue allowed fans up close and personal with the band and had everyone within microphone range shouting out the chorus’s that make Alesana so memorable, (the same choruses everyone in the room will be singing over and over again in their heads for the next week).

One thing I did notice was that the boys from Alesana are growing up, and I’m not sure how I feel about this. Can’t we all just stay young in Neverland forever? And does anyone else miss the days where all the guys from Alesana had matching dyed black scene dream hair? Call me old fashioned. Overall Alesana was charming as always and proved how they have withstood the test of time in a scene plagued by musical ADD.

The Inked Magazine Music Tour was a perfect October show. All the bands had their share of haunt and even though the sounds were quite different they all seemed coherently tied together by the theme of darkness and evil. I’m slightly surprised that the show was so small, it shouldn’t have been! We look forward to seeing what Inked Magazine has in store for us next year.


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