Beach Waves And Summer Strands

The Latest in Long Locks and Summer Swoon-Worthy Hair

Date: March 17, 2014
By: Desiree Mark

I’ve been rocking the longest extensions I can get my claws on for as long as I can remember, but shhh it’s a secret, and I’m about to share it with you! I often get asked about my long blonde locks, and I have to laugh when people ask if it’s real, have you ever tried growing hair that’s been bleached to hell and back? If you have, you already know the answer.

Now ladies, any of you who have ever had the pleasures of clip-ins or the lovely white girl weave, you know the many undesirable and awkward moments that having long unicorn hair can lead to. With clip-ins there’s always that awkward internal debate when you go home with a guy for the first time, leading to the conflict of do I take my extensions out and reveal that I’m a short-haired liar or do I just attempt to get my precious beauty sleep with a handful of little razor metal clips scratching at my scalp all night. The other options are always, be too drunk to feel anything, or cut out one night stands, and that doesn’t sound like much fun…

“Don’t even get me started on the dreaded “weave” which is all lovely and permanent, but has been known to be incredibly damaging to your real hair. I’ve had friends get mats the size of horribly un-cute small animals due to improper upkeep and hairstylists not knowing what they’re doing.”

For summer I would love to recommend to you my latest and greatest in lengthening adventures: the tape in extension. The concept is simple; wefts of hair are cut in short 1-2” pieces with a thin layer of tape attached to one side. Then, like little hair sandwiches, a piece is applied to each side of a section of your real hair (extremely close to the root) and set with the heat of a straightening iron. Later on the glue can easily be dissolved with a special solvent leaving the extensions ready to be re-taped and re-applied offsetting the initial cost and making the entire process a worthy investment over time.

Offering a natural look and a comfortable feel, these little beauties are also incredibly easy to care for, and only require a little added attention when showering and brushing out. I also recommend sleeping with your hair tied back to avoid unnecessary sex hair, I mean…tangles. The tape in extension also completely eliminates the predicament of summer fun in the sun, now you can have mermaid hair, both while swimming and lounging poolside.

“Out of all my experiences in the crazy world of hair lengthening this is the godsend weave all been waiting for, haha oh dear.”

If you’re in the Vancouver area be sure to check out my amazing stylist Kara Gilbertson at Zootz Studio in Kitsilano for all your colour and extension needs. She saved me from the hairiest of situations and continues to overwhelm me with talent every time she lays a finger on my mane (


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