Fall Favourites

 And How To Mix Whisky With Pumpkin Spice

Date: October 1, 2012
By: Lexi Mars

Goodbye boys of the summer and hello September, October, November. The leaves are starting to change colour and we couldn’t be more excited for fall. This colourful season gives us plenty of things to look forward to including new fashion, delightful beverages, and weather perfect for cozy days inside, not to mention just about every one of our favourite bands tours to a nearby city. Here are my top 5 reasons to fall in love with fall.

5. Horror Movies:  The top of everyone’s fall fave list should be indulging in horror movies; revving up to one of our favorite holidays of the year it’s only appropriate.  Now, every time I think about scary movies I can hear Tracey Morgan’s voice singing “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah; spooky, scary!” But I think that may be a side effect of watching 30 Rock, experienced by the majority of their viewers.  Honestly though, watching horror movies in candle light on a cold, dark, blustery evening brings me as much joy as new Marc Jacobs at the turn of the season.

A freaky flick is also the best way to get in the mood for Halloween, embrace the supernatural and the eerie– and embrace that cute boy you invited over just in case the movie is a little too scary.  Who knows, you two could end up planning your matching costumes by the end of the movie. 

My top picks are definitely: Silent Hill, Scream, and American Horror Story (okay, the last one isn’t a movie– but it’s a mini-series that is absolutely to die for.  Heh.)

4. Pumpkin Spice Lattes: Starbucks has officially branded fall, making the whole season about hot drinks and pumpkin flavored treats — and I’m perfectly ok with this.  I’m sure there are a few people who would disagree, stating that the pumpkin spice lattes aren’t to their tastes, and I’m alright with that too… but they are missing out.

There is just something about going in to see your favorite barista (yes, the one who always notices when you get your roots touched up or are wearing a new dress) and getting one of the most comforting drinks in the history of coffee.  It’s the best afternoon-before delight, and morning-after cure.

“Sadly, it’s only here once a year… quite unlike hangovers.”

3. Boots: Saying the girls and boys of Remember MEdia are fashion obsessed is a HUGE understatement. Not a day goes by that we don’t gush over a new handbag or a new pair of bejeweled distressed denim skinny jeans.  And boots, boots are love… leathery love.

Ew, no, not that kind of leathery love.

I’m talking thigh high black boots that have strutted backstage and through the press pit, or cozy charcoal motorcycle boots that give our ankles a rest — ‘cause when I’m not running in heels, you better believe I’m givin’em hell in boots.  Of course, I don’t let seasons restrict my boot wearing privileges.   There is just no better time than fall to get your hands on the sexiest pair of the season that you’ll end up rocking all year round.

My top picks are: The Jenna Studded Short ($328.00 available online at www.thefryecompany.com) and Runwayy ($189.95 available online at www.stevemadden.com)

2. Long Walks in the Park: Is it just me? or is fall the best date season?  It sounds cheesy, but at heart I am a hopeless romantic.  I’m fortunate enough to be based out of the beautiful city of Vancouver, which has a multitude of parks to choose from, all glowing gold with hints of bronze in the autumn light.  The mild weather and beautiful scenery creates the perfect setting for any first date, spice up your spiced latte with a little whiskey and you’ll keep cozy for the entire adventure.

Sounding a little too mushy?  Well, it’s not always about boys with us and there are other ways to enjoy the fall foliage.  There’s always the much more rambunctious alternative that involves a bonfire, friends, scarves, acoustic guitars, and a couple six packs of beer.  You do the math 😉

1.     Boys: Like boots, an affinity for boys lasts all year, but there is just — well, something in the fall air that makes boys extra snuggly.  With orange leaves comes back to school and that means boys in varsity jackets and school uniforms.  Clever boys carrying textbooks in blazers and ties.  Okay, admittedly between interviews, reviews and shooting shows I may have been marathoning a bit of Gossip Girl.  I do love preppy boys just as much as I do rockers, and after a long busy summer, I needed a little Chase Crawford.  Can you blame me?

“Lucky for us varsity jackets are in and appropriate for boys who are long past high school (I said I was into preppy boys not jailbait.)  Stylish and old enough to buy my drinks, that’s just how I like them.”

Now, grab me a pumpkin spice latte and my boots, I’ve got some long walks in the park planned with a special someone.

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