Happy New Year!

 Resolutions In True RM Style

Date: January 1, 2013
By: Lexi Mars

Welcome to the New Year! Where for some people, resolutions go to die a miserable and humiliating public death. Thanks to modern day technology- blogs, Twitter, Facebook and (oh god) Instagram we now have written and photographic evidence of our impending failures. This means, now more than ever, it is extra important to follow through on these promises you make to yourself.
After spending December gorging on delectable designer chocolates and an abundance of champagne and Jack (and by December we mean we pretty much all of 2012), we’re pretty sure our bodies could use a bit of a fresh start, and since we’re always striving for world domination (kidding…or are we….) a little work on the mind and soul probably wouldn’t do us much harm either.  Some say 13 is unlucky- well we say 2013 is going to be the best year yet!… and here’s why:

We’re Going To:

1)  Stay Fit:  “Typical” you are thinking to yourself, but little do you know, this is actually quite the challenging balance to maintain. Cutting calories without cutting the drinks and cutting weight without cutting the booty? The little things make all the difference – like choosing gin over Kahlua (less calories), not skipping breakfast (no matter how late you may be running), or in my case just because you happen to be allergic to everything except Jack Daniels and quinoa. But seriously, running in heels, and a jam-packed schedule are our secrets to keeping this resolution – that and the motivation of looking fabulous in that new frock by Alice and Olivia.

2)  Get More Sleep:  They say, “You can sleep when you’re dead” and we take that motto pretty literally.  Late nights spent in hotel rooms and back seats of cars getting the dirt, all-nighters cuddled up with our MacBook’s editing photos and reviews; all these things reek havoc on one’s skin.  Seriously, that’s your face; do not take it for granted. My facialist always lectures me on two things:  more water, less coffee (she doesn’t know about the whiskey…) AND more sleep.  Trust me, they call it beauty sleep for a reason. Also, it’s nearly impossible to have a clear mind on a sleep deprived schedule, so for all those amazing things we know our followers are up to, do yourself a favour and take full advantage of that snooze button. Did you know this is also one of the most common times of your sleep schedule to have dreams that you’ll actually remember? Dream big.

3)  Publish More Video Content:  Because, well, we know how much you guys LOOOOOVE seeing our faces haha jk, but we certainly love all of you and want you to be extra happy in the new year!

“How awesome would it be to watch more of your favourite stars, hear more of their deepest and darkest secrets, and take a glimpse at what exactly goes on backstage before and after all your favourite concerts?”

This is one resolution we’re definitely excited about, and you should be to!

4)  Play More Board Games With Bands:  Totally random, right? Well, actually think about how amazing this concept is. I think everyone should resolve to do this more. There is no better icebreaker than a good old game of Monopoly or Risk (which I am infamous for winning without even realizing it.) Get a group of people who know each other really well, a couple strangers, and get into some good ol’ fashion hijinx (you can even turn it into a drinking game)- if doing this multiple times in a year wouldn’t make me a better person, or 2013 the best year ever, I don’t know what would.

5)  Take Over The World:  Well, it didn’t end on December 21st; we may as well get this place in order.  Free glitter, bejeweling and beautiful band boys for everyone (well everyone who wants those things, the rest of you can have free health care).

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