Love, Lust, & The Remember MEdia Top 5 V-Day Crushes (4 Girls Edition)

Date: February 7, 2012
Desiree Mark and Lexi Mars

Boys, Boys, Boys! We’ve got to admit, every Valentine’s Day they’re all that cross our minds. No, we’re not wasting our time day dreaming about flowers that will die in a week, or chocolates that will throw off our diets. We’re thinking of motorcycle rides, skinny dipping, whiskey sipping (who are we kidding- whiskey coma), tattoos, messy morning hair and things if we said, well, then we probably wouldn’t be able to kiss our mother’s with these lips again.

Don’t get me wrong; here at Remember Media we love diamonds and all things expensive. We’re just not the romantic sorts, you know? Ok well maybe Desiree is, but anyways let’s cut to the chase if you’re young live it up. We’re ready for some fast times, and maybe some first times that will become last times. Now comes the hard part: choosing a partner in crime.

Disposable fun or fiery passion, we wouldn’t have our Valentines Day any other way. Let’s meet the contenders.

Oliverheartg5. Oliver Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon
What list of the top hot guys in the industry would be complete without the one and only Oliver Sykes? Not this one, that’s for sure. Firstly, he’s an incredibly talented musician fronting ultimately one of the scenes most acknowledged bands; secondly he’s the sexiest businessman we know, launching the ever successful ‘Dropdead Clothing’ line, and thirdly he’s got that pout that would have us giving him anything he ever wanted. Besides the obvious, as people we always want what we can’t have and Oli is both rarely single, and usually in the accompaniment of a beautiful supermodel girlfriend. All around great guy.

Bryceheartg4. Bryce Sipes – Ex-member of Decoder
When shopping for boys, always check references. And by references we mean Is Anyone Up? Boy,  do his “references” sure check out. I mean really, right now, go to Is Anyone Up? and find his post. You’re back? Great, so now that we’re on the same page and under the understanding that he is “naturally gifted” let’s talk about how we’d get down on V-day. Sipes, looking a little immature, would be a great experiment for a little corruption. We’re thinking a game of pool, a fifth of Jack, followed by a few adventures in the backseat. Think John Water’s Crybaby; We’d be a Drape, corrupting the boy who puts too much effort into his hair.

Jordanheartg3. Jordan Dreyor of La Dispute
N00dz and pretty hair aside, We love a man who writes soul-crushing lyrics (like we said, We’re not romantics). If Jordan was a president, he definitely would be Baberaham Lincoln, but it’s not about that for us. We have this thing, when we’re not searching for something disposable we’re on the hunt for a challenge. Someone smart and impossible. Who has a greater understanding on the world, matters that go beyond guyliner and who did who on Saturday night. Okay, that’s as close as you get to seeing any real emotion out of us. Our Valentine’s date? I see a quiet bar, a long talk, whiskey on the rocks, and stepping outside for cigarettes. Light, ash, extinguish. A fiery conversation on the existence of love, we split the bill. It’s time to go home, we choose his place. The rest? Behind closed doors, but we bet the next brokenhearted ballad will be about it.

Ronnieheartg2. Ronnie Radke of Falling in Reverse
No matter how many girls will try and deny it, face it, we all like a bit of a bad boy. The thrill, the trouble, the excitement, the mess, the desire to be the one girl in the world that can change their bad boy ways, we get it, we get it. Heroine addiction and prison time aside, the hardships Ronnie has overcome in the past few years have made him an incredibly strong willed, and passionate individual (and who wouldn’t like to see that passion put to good use?) So he may not be the boy you would want to take home to mom and dad just yet, but it sure makes my mind wander watching him crawl around on stage. “I kissed your lips you pulled my hair it was the craziest thing…” Now, Ronnie if your reading this, remember that time backstage El Corazon, you looked me dead in the eye and asked if I had a crush on you? I may have said “maybe” but just so you know, in Canadian that means, “yes.”

Tylerheartg1.Tyler “Telle” Smith of The Word Alive
Ok ok, so I may be slightly more of a hopeless romantic than Lexi, who as you may have guessed chose #3, and #4 off our list, but even Lex can agree on our #1 choice, Telle Smith of The Word Alive. In an industry of one night stands, and failed long distance relationships Tyler has withstood the test of time and over-crowded hotel rooms, always staying true to his lucky lady. If your friends with him on Facebook your newsfeed has surely been spammed with adorable excerpts and photographs from their little fairytale romance at least 100 times over the past month. Not only is Telle’s Facebook and Twitter enveloped in pictures that make our heart melt, but I have also never seen an interview with The Word Alive where he hasn’t mentioned how excited he is to go home to his princess. PDA all the way, when you’re with Tyler you can be assured you’re the only girl on his mind and in his heart. True love, true story, and that’s why he makes us swoon and steals the number one spot in our hearts and on the Remember MEdia charts. Much love you two.

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