Love, Lust, & The Remember MEdia Top 5 V-Day Crushes (4 Boys Edition)

Date: February 7, 2012
Brooklyn Chase

Oh Herrow B’s and G’s! Brooklyn here to enlighten you on my version of the Top 5 Valentines Day Crushes Countdown! I was assigned this article thinking, it would be a piece of cake, well… I assure you it definitely wasn’t! First of all there are a ton of “babes” in the music industry, and especially in our scene. But here you have it, Me, Brooklyn Chase nailing down my personal Top 5!

Haileyheartg5. Hailey Williams of Paramore
Come on… did you actually think my list would be complete without her? Hailey has been every pop punk boy’s dream girl since we all first laid eyes on her! She clocks in at number five on my list which may come as a shock to some of you, but that’s just me… I mean, back in her “RIOT” days she was a total fox but since the breakup of Paramore, with Josh and Zac leaving she’s kind of dwindled down in my books. Nonetheless she’s still a mega hottie!

Lightsheartg4. Lights
Coming in at number four is… Lights! Oh Lights you gorgeous little thing you! You’re voice is cute like Carebears making cotton candy and its infectious tone has got all of our attention! Its always a pleasure to see a beautiful, young Canadian female doing so well for herself. Lights I salute you on being not only talented and brilliant, but being a top five Brooklyn Chase verified babe.

Carlyheartg3. Carly Rae Jepsen
In the middle of the pack at number three we have another Canadian lady… and her name is Carly Rae Jepsen! Oh Carly, you’re single “Call Me Maybe” has me wishing it was written about me. You are by far one of the most adorable girls to emerge onto the music scene and with your single doing so well its only a matter of time before you grace the covers of magazines all across the globe with your bombshell good looks! So if you ever read this, I hope you know there wouldn’t be a maybe I would definitely call you 😉

Rachelheartg2.Rachel Taylor of He Is We
The silver number two is upon us… and she is Rachel Taylor of He Is We. First and foremost it’s the voice and lyrics, never in my life has someone’s voice, melody, and song writing made them tenfold hotter! In this case Rachel takes that title! Her cute smile and sway as she sings has me smitten every time I find myself watching He Is We live videos on YouTube! Girl your voice is the definition of “awwwwww” and your smile will always have me begging to be its cause.

…And if you know me then you probably already know how this ends… #1 goes to the one, and my only, Katy Perry!

Katyheart1. Katy Perry
Oh Katy, when will you marry me? Haha! For real though, to me Katy Perry is absolutely thee most gorgeous girl I could ever imagine. Her music is contagious and her songs are consistently becoming #1 hits week after week. It’s not just her insane musical talent that gives her the rightful claim to the coveted # 1 spot on my list, it’s also those big blue eyes, and that bangin’ body. Put it this way, if I was 13 again I’d have posters of her covering my room (maybe I still do) and major decreased blood flow to my brain. Alas, I am not 13, so therefore I will gladly watch her music videos that essentially let me see her half naked anyways. For that she gets my applause and my number one spot!

And that about wraps it up for my Top 5 Valentines Day Countdown! Thanks for reading B’s and G’s! All the best this Valentines to each and every one of you!

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