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Top 5 Make-Up Must-Haves For A RM Approved Concert Survival Kit

Date: August 31, 2012
By: Lexi Mars

The afternoon before a show is always wild with the girls of RM, and usually involves interview rehearsals, champagne, and dancing around a hotel room.  But in amongst the craziness at some point you’ll find each and every one of the Remember MEdia girls in front of the bathroom mirror.  Hairspray in one hand, lipstick in the other, primping and prepping for the big night, after all every night is a big night with us.  Hotel or home bathroom, it’s amazing what we can do with a little time and a little more product.  The finished look is always finessed and red carpet ready, but don’t mistake us for some pretty little girls who stay on the sidelines afraid to break a nail.  Our hair and makeup will survive any concert, any day- trust me, we’re fearless.  How?  Well we compiled a list of our top 5 favorite products for any beauty junkie’s concert survival kit.  This is how we stay pretty in the pit:

#555. Smashbox Anti-Shine: Girls sweat.  There, I said it. We don’t “mist”, “glow” or any of that other crap.  We sweat, and you better believe we two-step just as hard as any boy out there.  But that doesn’t mean we WANT to look blotchy and shiny by the end of the night, so thank God for anti-shine.  Usually a gel like product, you will want to apply your anti-shine before your foundation, which will then hold tight and keep your foundation from slipping and sliding away throughout the night.  Not to mention how great your skin will look in photos, this is superior protection from having a reflective face- the ultimate after-party photo faux paus.  We highly recommend Smashbox’s Anti-shine, $27.00 (at Sephora) spent that you won’t regret.

#444. T3 360 Control Heat-Seeking Hairspray: I swear by this hairspray.  You always see those commercials for hair spray that has “hold without the crunch”, well T3 Control Heat-Seeking Hairspray lives up to those promises…and more.  You never see a hairspray commercial promising pit proof hair do you?  Well, this is it and you better believe it.  Used in combination with your flat iron it’s everything you want and more whether you go grunge straight or cabaret curly.  Also great for sealing in all that backcombing without giving you helmet head.  No matter how you wear it, your hair will be bouncy, smooth and completely sweat proof.  So go ahead, be a tease and give it a spray. $12.99 per bottle on

#333. Translucent powder + Nars Semi Matte Lipstick: We all love lip color, but no one wants to be the girl with everybody’s hair stuck in her lip-gloss.  Gross, seriously.  I always go with a semi matte lipstick; something creamy and smooth without the shine.  Why no shine?  So you can powder it. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, passed down from generations of makeup artists.  Apply your lipstick as per usual, then dip a clean powder puff into your translucent powder only picking up a light dusting.  Take your powder puff and give it a kiss.  By pressing the powder into your lipstick you’ll set it and keep it from running all over your face.  After all, you want to head to the after party looking like a babe not bozo the clown.  Try Laura Mercier’s loose setting powder ($35.00 at Sephora) on one of Nars’ to die for shades of semi matte lipsticks ($24.00 at Sephora).

#222.      Geisha Ink Liquid Eyeliner: To. Die. For.  With a fine bristle tip, this matte black liner goes on liquid and dries like a powder.  Lately I’ve been channeling my inner Wanda Woodward (don’t get that reference? We can’t be friends. Sorry.) Obviously I’ve been rocking one hell of a cat-eye, so I need a liquid liner that has just as much attitude as my look.

“Easy to apply, Geisha Ink survives the oiliest of eyelids and the sweatiest of crowds and then magically disappears with the swipe of some makeup remover; there when you want it, gone when you don’t- it’s like the perfect boyfriend.  Absolutely heaven sent.  $30.00 at”

#111.   Duo Lash Adhesive: I’m all about lashes and lips.  So obviously I stack’em thick; false lashes with a ton of mascara.  But rolling out of the pit and into the after party with a lash falling off is every girl’s worst nightmare.  Obviously you need a glue that will have your back until you call it quits, whenever that may be.  Duo lash adhesive has your back.  I’ve worn lashes for two days in row with not even a corner lifting, held on by a single application of the glue.  Now that I’ve said that, you are going to go out and buy Duo Lash Adhesive ($8.00 from Sephora) and I’m going to go sit in the shame corner and think about what was so important that managed to justify wearing the same makeup for two days straight.

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