The Mall Of Warped Tour – Shopping The Fun Way

 Seeing As You’re Paying 4$ For Water Anyways…

Date: May 27, 2013
By: Desiree Mark

Forget the days spent in crowded shopping centers digging through racks of clothes you would never be caught dead in (and besides Hot Topic is ridiculously over-priced these days). Boys and girlies you are in luck, because the best shopping of the summer is currently touring to a city near you- The Mall of Warped Tour.

The Vans Warped Tour is an absolutely amazing place to pick up all your fall must-haves. It doesn’t get much better than strolling along the booths, catching some summer sunshine with your best friends, all while enjoying the sound of live music play out in the background.

Thanks to new independent merchants every year keeping it new and fresh, there truly is something for everyone. Think about it, not only is it called the ‘Vans” Warped Tour, meaning you can surely pick up those new Vans kicks you’ve had your eye on, but also all those alternative clothing companies you can’t find anywhere else, special jewels and trinkets, and lets not forget the most important draw, all of your favourite bands merch!

Did you know bands make most of their money through merch sales? So seeing as you probably downloaded their album illegally anyways, why not help your favourite band afford to continue making the music you love so dearly by purchasing a t-shirt or ten. Which leads me to another perk of shopping at Warped– Merch guys.

Merch guys are almost always hotter than the people you’ll find working at the mall. So treat yourself to a little eye candy as you shop, or why not kill two birds with one stone by shopping for that new fall wardrobe as well as that sexy summer fling. There are a few things you need to remember when it comes to the illusive ‘Merch Guy’ though. You know what they absolutely love? Indecisive people that hmmm and hawww, taking up hours of their precious time only to then need oodles of change for their purchase.

“Oh and ever wonder why all the Merch guys are so skinny, its because they cant afford to eat, so tip them generously.”

As annoying as it can be to carry any extras around for the entire sweaty day, we recommend trying to get your merch early, ensuring you get anything and everything your little heart desires.  However, what do you do if catastrophe strikes and heaven forbid your favourite band runs out of that t-shirt you “ABSOLUTELY NEEDED LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT, OH MY GOODNESS THE WORD IS OVER?” Don’t fear! I may not look like an XXXL, but I am. I always ask for the biggest size possible! No, its not because I get all gangster on the weekends and breakout some humongous t-shirt swag, but rather because I like to get my arts and craft on.

“A little t-shirt DIY can go a long way. Cut it, tie it back up, bejewel the shit out of it, make tassels happen, paint all over it, bleach it out, the possibilities are endless, whatever you do, just make it more skanky than it was before, and by skanky I mean ‘beachy’. “

It’s summertime after all; put a bikini on underneath and suddenly anything goes. For those of you with a creative block just wait, RememberMEdia has you covered, because coming soon we have a whole article on the art of DIY and T-shirt Couture!

So instead of wasting away at the mall this summer, why not save those hard earned dollars and support your favourite musicians by shopping at the best mall of all, The Vans Warped Tour. See you on the road!



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