Top 10 Runway Looks From VALT, Vancouver’s Alternative Fashion Week(end)

Remember MEdia’s very own Desiree Mark, had the pleasure of spending the weekend at Vancouver’s Alternative Arts & Fashion Week, where she compiled her “Top 10 Runway Looks From VALT, Vancouver’s Alternative Fashion Week(end)” – This is VALT 2015!

**We want to apologize in advance for not including any of the talented designers from VALT Day #1 as there was a tragic scheduling conflict that left us unable to attend the first day of the event.

Now, on with the show!

10. A.M.K.  Brought romance and whimsy to the runway with this darling white frock. A poetic page that could have easily been torn from the book of Alexander McQueen circa S/S 2007. High Tea Attendees and Garden Brides alike will surely swoon over this playful, floral number.
Valt W6


9. Carolyn Bruce Designs is no stranger to VALT, and returned for another year to showcase her incredible attention-stealing, futuristic, avant-garde, jewelry and accessory line. This unconventional airplane/space ship purse had everyone grinning from ear to ear. Its funky steampunk retro-futuristic charm was like nothing anyone had seen before.  Wearer beware though, this bag can not only kick some serious ass on the runway, but if need be, could surely do some damage as  a pretty stylish self-defense mechanism too!Valt 3


8. This giant hoop skirt dress, combined with a beautiful oceanic themed dye job by Trish P. Ft. BOUND by Bond bounced playfully down the runway. This collection not only looks incredibly beautiful, but Trish P. always ensures that her collections incorporate a very important message, this one particularly focusing on saving the oceans, and protecting water as a natural resource. With models bearing signs cleverly reading “I have the right to starfish” & “Suzuki is my homeboy.Valt W7

7. This look by ‘Beauty By Impairment‘ and ‘Drafted Eminence‘ was a captivating image in metallic and lace. The power and grace of this look was noteworthy as the model floated down the runway. Majestic and daring, this look was perfect top to bottom.Valt 4

6. The fashion shown at VALT was definitely not just for the ladies, as this look from the ‘Lapin Rouge‘ collection surely proved. Edgy menswear calling upon inspiration from the medieval times placed this black and white, executioner-esque ensemble at #6 on our list. This modern interpretation of a regal period piece made sure the men were looking just as dapper as the ladies.
Valt 1 copy


5. Creative wisps of wool wrap delicately around the models figure in this truly unique piece from Zollection. As far as pieces I want to reach out and touch, this one is #1. The focus on texture of this piece, combined with the natural colour and materials makes this look stand out as natural, and organic in comparison to most of the weekends’ collections.Valt W8


4. Starsha Battrick’sSlug & Kraken‘ collection brought true meaning to the Aquatica theme of the evening. Hard to pick just one look from the clever mollusca line of printed designs, we walked the plank for this mustard tentacle paneled pant. (With the array of quirky tentacle scivvies coming in at a close second!) Not to mention the incredibly detailed coordinating accessories and jewelry.Valt W9


3. Ok, I’ll admit, we can’t get enough of Carolyn Bruce- this Wolf piece is anything but subtle, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s known fact that dog is man’s best friend, lesser known however is that wolf is a fashionista’ best friend. Only for the fiercest, this is one piece we won’t be forgetting any time soon!Valt W10


2. We could have highlighted every single piece from designer ‘Sandra‘ her collection showed brilliant craftsmanship, and was impeccably produced. The play on structure, and positive vs. negative space was skillfully done, creating show stopping looks like this business….’casual’ beauty (wink wink).Valt W5


1. Undoubtedly the highlight of the weekend and fan favourite was the collaboration between ‘Beauty By Impairment‘ and ‘Drafted Eminence‘ which left the crowd entranced by the otherworldly beauty of flowing gowns, intricate feather headdresses, and crystallized gags. This look in particular cast a spell of silence and awe over the audience. The powerful and ethereal combination of constriction and freedom.
Valt 2 copy

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