Top 5 Valentine’s Gift List (We <3 These Charming Ideas)

Skip The Chocolates, These Gifts Are Much Sweeter!

Date: January 14, 2013
By: Lexi Mars

You have exactly one month! You know it’s coming, you can’t avoid it, the countdown is on! So why don’t we all show a little love for our favourite February festivity. Valentine’s Day, as commercialized and cliché as people say, it is still one of my all time favorite holidays. Single or spoken for, I have never-ever-ever had a bad V-Day, and neither should you!

Seriously, I know some of you get all bitter about being single and having it rubbed in your face, but can you honestly think of a more sympathetic day of the year for all your romantic dilemmas? Girlfriends everywhere send chocolates and flowers to their BFF’s who are currently flying solo. Single on V-Day means getting reminded that you’re an empowered female with rad friends and often ends at a club, being surrounded by absolutely goooorge single men as you dance ridiculously to that Beyonce-song-that-shall-not-be-named (or it will be stuck in your head for the next week). there are the ladies in blossoming relationships or LTRs (long-term relationships) who are showered in gifts, adorable Facebook posts, diamonds, Jack Daniels, chocolates and the cutest of dates.  Seriously ladies, this is a win-win situation.

“I do have to admit, the gifts are kind of my fave part – not just receiving, but giving too.  Unfortunately some people are not as, um, passionate as I am when it comes to shopping and require a little assistance and some very strong hints, so I decided to compile a universal wish list. This one is for all the boys out there, you’re welcome.”

Lingerie1)  Lingerie: You can’t go wrong (unless you are saving it for Jesus, in which, well please skip to number 2). Now please, I beg you, do NOT head down to La Senza and pick up some cheesy thong-one-piece-furry-contraption. This is V-Day. Prepare your credit card and get your ass into an Agent Provocateur. Trust me, she will feel like the luckiest lady in the world- and you will definitely GET lucky.

Records2)  A Vinyl Subscription: If you’re anything like me, you are probably not only a huge music nerd, but also dating a huge music nerd (or worse, a musician). So what a better way to say “I love you” than to give the gift of phenomenal sounding music (vinyl is every music lover’s wet-dream…if you don’t know…now you know) for the rest of the year. Indie label, No Sleep Records, has set up vinyl subscription for ALL of their 2013 releases at $225 with a one time shipping fee (varies upon location). New releases on vinyl for the rest of the year? Now THAT’S sexy.

Burlesque3)  Burlesque Lessons: Who doesn’t love feeling sexy? Learning how to sashay and swing your hips, or strut in stilettos are just bonuses that come along with spending a day with a burlesque queen. Giving your significant other the opportunity to absorb the confidence of the ferocious female instructors makes this gift almost priceless.  Not to mention the added perks of your gal learning some new moves, ahem, you know where I am going with this. Vancouver Burlesque Center, for you Van City locals, has a great class selection and first-rate instructors.

Tattoo4)  Tattoos: Note: I am NOT encouraging you to go and get this “beautiful” heart as shown to the left, nor am I recommending matching tattoos with your significant other of two months.  Please, please don’t do that unless you’ve put a ring on it, or are a lifer (and even then, still questionable).  Now, that I’ve made that clear let’s talk about how awesome it would be to have part of that giant full sleeve paid for? Well, thanks to technology and organized tattoo shops you can now purchase gift cards. Nothing spells out forever like giving someone the gift of sharp needles and ink.  All our Van City friends can check out the fabulous crew at Gastown Tattoo Parlour – gift cards available in any amount.

Bar Cart5)  Homemade Mini Bar: No Valentine’s Day is complete without a little DIY and a lot of b-o-o-z-e. So surprise your significant other with a little homemade fun this V-day. Seriously, nothing makes our knees weaker than a well thought out gift (especially if it involves Honey Jack Daniels). Make a visit to your local thrift store, find the perfect vintage kitchen cart, polish it up with your refurbishing skills and then fill it with your drinks of choice. This is a James Bond worthy V-Day gift – well, for the right Bond girl that is. Check out A Beautiful Mess for a little cocktail cart inspiration.

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