Bring Me The Horizon TRASH Coldplay’s Table During Awards Ceremony – WATCH HERE!

How To Get Revenge On Someone That Steals Your Album Artwork 101- With Oliver Sykes

Last night at the NME Awards in Austin, TX Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes got a little up close and personal with Coldplay’s VIP table during their performance of ‘Happy Song‘… And by up close and personal we mean proceeding to jump on the table, smash around on it, crash it to the floor, and then casually jump off and continue the performance as if nothing had even happened.

With all the recent controversy about Coldplay’s album A Head Full Of Dreams “stealing” album artwork from BMTH’s Sempiternal this so called “coincidence” (as Oli apparently didn’t know whose table it was) seems maybe just too good to be true!

And if smashing legendary rocker’s Coldplay’s VIP table wasn’t enough how about taking home NME’s Innovation Award? All in all, I’d say this was a successful night for BMTH, and a successful night in restoring the image of rock n’ roll.

Ahhh but seriously, the satisfying sound of revenge… no wait that’s just a WHOLE lot of Veuve shattering to the floor….NOOOOOOO NOT THE CHAMPAGNE!

I don’t even know whats funnier, the video showing what happened, or the video of Bring Me The Horizon trying to explain the whole ordeal…

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