“There is no substitution for passion.”

So this is it. This is RememberMEdia.ca – we are an alternative music website, and are about to change the music media scene that you have become ever so familiar with. We are a group of amazing friends who thrive off music and the lifestyle that surrounds it. We come from different parts of the world, and we work where we can: taking turns driving and working on our laptops to make it from one show in one city, to the next.

Music has always been in my life, in our lives. Whether it’s playing in the background of our most special moments, or whether I’m on stage shooting a concert looking out over a sold out stadium. Music is significant in every form, and…

It’s about to become so much more; we are now a part of the people out there chasing to capture what music really is, constantly working to give you the center stage view, and open up what goes on backstage, presenting not what’s easy or obvious, but what’s real – because face it, it’s so much more exciting that way.

Until then, you can find us wherever the next show is, forever chasing music, and our dreams.

From my friends to yours,
Welcome to RememberMEdia.


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