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I’m Devan. I’m an Entertainment and Beauty Host. Videographer. Editor. Ex Makeup Artist. Dedicated. Determined. Over achiver. Radio and Television Graduate. I drink too much tea, and sleep too little. I believe that there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. I also believe that there’s a tiny leprechaun waiting for you at the end of every rainbow, ready to bite your ankles if you try and steal his pot of gold. I used to work for the Jerry Springer and Steve Wilko’s show in Chicago – and I have more stories from it then you’ll ever have time to hear. I’ve worked in the media industry for the past 5 years, both in radio and television, as well in the beauty and fashion industry.

I like long walks on the beach. Cupcakes. And puppies.

Only.. there’s not any beaches nearby, too much icing makes me feeling like I’m going to go into a sugar coma, and I can’t even seem to keep a plant alive.

I live for live music, and music in general. I spend half my days driving and singing along, badly, to songs you’ve probably never heard of. I tend to be drawn towards musical people. I don’t take myself too seriously. I smile more then not. I like bad reality tv shows, bubble baths, and wine nights. I like people with something to say, and nothing to prove.

I believe in karma. I believe the tooth fairy actually exists somewhere. I believe in love, and that good people eventually get what they want out of life. I make wishes when I throw pennies in fountains, but never on stars. I don’t know how that one worked out. I believe in patience even though I’m extremely impatient. I believe that people should always be on time, even though I never am. I believe in happiness, honesty, smiling even when you’re sad, butterflies and sunshine and all that kind of corny stuff – all I know is it’s better to believe in something, then settle for just anything.


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