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Joëlle Dahan is a self-proclaimed pop-culture and music junkie. She’s a part-time rock n’ roll journalist, part-time traveler and full time dreamer.

Her passions in life include music, writing, traveling, Hello Kitty and Nutella. You’re most likely going to find this charismatic blonde backstage at your favorite rock concerts.

She grew up idolizing pop musical acts such as The Spice Girls and No Doubt, as well as the people who got to interview them.

In 2009 she was determined to take her passion for music to the next level and take a leap into the world of music and entertainment. She hit the road that summer determined to interview some of her favorite bands on tour. She then began her own YouTube channel titled JoEntertainment where she posted her many video interviews with some of her favorite bands.

In between interviewing your favorite rock bands and trying to make “fetch” happen, Joëlle is also a full-time student. Realizing her passion for music and entertainment at an early age, she is currently attending her fourth year in the faculty of Journalism and Communications at Carleton University in Ottawa.

Since beginning her YouTube channel in 2009, Joëlle has hosted, conducted and produced multiple interviews for various Canadian media outlets including The Charlatan, CanCulture, and The Scene Magazine.



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