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How To Warped Tour: RM Girls Desiree & Odessa Tell You Everything You Need To Know

With the start of the Vans Warped Tour just over two weeks away RM Girls Desiree and Odessa share their tips and trick for making this years tour, your best one yet!

Everything from how to get backstage to not dying, the girls have you covered!

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Beartooth Surprises with New Song ‘Dead’

Jazz was all the rage in the good ol’ days, filling bars and lounges with some nice swing that was soothing and full of soul. Beartooth, though, has a whole new idea… wait for it, Swingcore jazz. Dead (Swingcore Jazz) is just what you’re thinking, a mix of metalcore and JazzCheck it out!

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How Will Beartooth Top “Disgusting”? Find Out What They Are Planning!

After the recent success of Beartooth’s last album “DisgustingKerrang! (http://www.kerrang.com/35303/beartooth-talk-follow-disgusting/) decided to interview the band at Reading Festival regarding their plans for a new album. Prepare your ears, because Caleb Shomo thinks the new songs will be way better than the ones from “Disgusting!”
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Fall Tour Roundup!

Having trouble keeping track of all the fall tours? We’ve gathered them all up for you to catch them in one easy location. Check below! We’ll update as more are announced!

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