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2 Shadows

(with September Mourning, & Uncle Sid)

Photos By: Desiree Mark
Date: December 19, 2016
Venue: The Red Room Ultra Bar
City: Vancouver, BC, Canada

On one of the snowiest, coldest nights the city of Vancouver has ever seen, we braved the storm (not to mention almost crashing the car on route) to catch one of the city’s most promising new metal bands – 2 Shadows.
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From The Vault: Vans Warped Tour 2015

It’s A Zoo Out There!

Date: August 9, 2015
Venue: White River Amphitheatre
City: Auburn, WA
Highlight: Playing the largest game of beer pong ever during Attila’s set…without beer, while listening to Fronz make sexual innuendos about playing with balls.
Reviewed By: Desiree Mark

The posters for this years Van’s Warped Tour are covered in a collection of animals about to bust out of a zoo, which we find fitting, because sometimes a day at Warped Tour can actually feel a lot like a day at the zoo. Think about it, you walk around checking out the “exhibits”, but instead of animals, your watching musicians, and instead of being in cages their on stages. Andddd…have you ever tried to get a hold of a bottle of water at Warped later in the day? I’d imagine being a wildebeest fighting for a spot at the local watering hole is on par as difficult.
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Andy Black Releases Second Single

Since Andy Black‘s premiere of the highly anticipated track We Don’t Have To Dance last week, he riled up his fans with the release of Stay Alive ft. Matt Skiba of Blink-182 & Alkaline Trio this week. The track was premiered on Teen Vogue, check it out and let us know what you think!

Are you as excited as we are for The Shadow Side which will be released on May 6??


Watch Andy Black’s New Music Video ‘We Don’t Have To Dance’

Did you stay up till midnight to catch the new video!? If you did, you know it was worth it! If not, don’t stress, we’ve got you covered!

As all fans of Black Veil Brides know, frontman Andy Biersack also has a solo project under the title Andy Black, which he has been diligently working on over the last year.
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Simple Plan – Taking One For The Team

Be A Part Of The Team!

Simple_Plan_Taking_One_For_The_TeamRelease Date: February 19, 2016
Label: Atlantic Records
Rocks like:  Blink-182, The All-American Rejects, Bowling For Soup, Good Charlotte
Recommended tracks: Opinion Overload, Boom!, Farewell, Nostalgic, Perfectly Perfect & P.S. I Hate You

Simple Plan- A band any 90’s kid was familiar with, and every fan couldn’t get enough of. So while this Canadian born band was initially more punk than pop back in the day, they definitely have been exploring the more pop side of pop punk in recent years, including their previous album, Get Your Heart On!
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The Valentine’s Day Alternative Music Playlist You’ve Been Waiting To Fall For!

Get the thought that romantic songs have to be slow and mellow out of your head, because they don’t! If you’re an alternative music fan (which I assume you are or you wouldn’t be reading this), you’ll know that our genre has artists expressing their love with a very different tone. From pop punk ballads to heavy, screamo vocals, and everything in between, it’s a known fact that alternative music makes better lovers.
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Andy Biersack In The Studio With Gerard Way? No Way!…Yes Way!

This is no joke! Working on his upcoming solo album Andy Biersack has been pulling lots of different artists into the studio.  This star-studded list includes people like Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds Of Summer, Rian Dawson of All Time Low, and now his latest- Gerard Way! No freakin’ way! Be sure to follow Andy on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated with his upcoming solo album and all his special guests.
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Set It Off’s New Video For “Wild Wild World” Is Full Of Heart… & Special Guests

Have you seen the latest  release from Set It Off with their new music video for “Wild Wild World“? Not only does it drive home all “the feels” but it features inspiring quotes, powerful imagery, and surprising cameos from the Warped Tour gang (Lynn Gunn from PVRIS and Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides to name a few)!
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