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Wanna Create A New Music Video For Fall Out Boy?

Sounds like the dream gig right? Well dreams do come true when Fall Out Boy teams up with Music Choice and The All American High School Film Festival.

The All American High School Film Festival or AAHSFF for short, is the largest high school film festival in America and has to date received over 3,000 films from 48 states and 33 countries worldwide.
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Warped Tour 2012 Scavenger Hunt

Show Us What You’re Made Of!

Date: June 10, 2012
By: Desiree Mark

Bust out your cameras and show us what you’re made of this Warped Tour season! We wrote up a list of things we want to see from this year’s tour, and awarded each photo a point value. On August 10th the RM team will be sitting back and personally browsing through all the entries to see who racked up the most points.
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