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The Everything That Got Us Here Tour (with  SECRETS, Palisades,  Too Close To Touch & Picturesque)

Photos By: Desiree Mark
Date: February 26, 2015
Venue: El Corazon
City: Seattle, WA, USA
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Palisades Make You ‘Fall’ For Them All Over Again With New Song & Video

Want to know what Palisades have in store for 2016? Check out their latest music video, and newest release ‘Fall‘ right here!

Fall’ slows it down a bit, and reveals a softer side of Palisades,  it’s definitely different from the party rock vibes we grew familiar with jamming to Mind Games last year.
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The Dilemma Of A So-Cal Fall & The Importance Of Pumpkin Spice

“If It Wasn’t For Pumpkin Spice, We Probably Wouldn’t Even Know It Was Fall…”

Look out flip flops, board shorts, and tank tops! It’s time to make way for the big boys. Say hello to leather boots, fluffy scarves, and extra soft flannels. September 23rd marked the official first day of fall. Ideally that would mean it’s time to get started on that super scary Halloween costume, and trade in your bright summer colored lipsticks for darker, richer tones. All around the world fall is known as the season in which the leaves change colors and the temperature drops, yet Southern California seems to have missed the memo!
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The Best/Worst Costumes Of 2012

From The Absolutely Perfect To The Depressingly Pitiful

Date: October 15, 2012
By:  Lexi Mars

The costumes, the parties, the candy — Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year.  With the Remember MEdia team being ultra-crafty, the costumes are totally our favorite part.  Desiree will definitely be rocking a card-board camera costume (a Nikon… duh) that will be glittered and bejeweled within an inch of it’s life, and you’ll find myself rocking a Comic Con worthy cosplay, like Mera of Aquaman, or Batgirl.  Halloween brings out the nerdy in our team, but what it brings out in other people… well, can be just downright scary.
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Fall Favourites

 And How To Mix Whisky With Pumpkin Spice

Date: October 1, 2012
By: Lexi Mars

Goodbye boys of the summer and hello September, October, November. The leaves are starting to change colour and we couldn’t be more excited for fall. This colourful season gives us plenty of things to look forward to including new fashion, delightful beverages, and weather perfect for cozy days inside, not to mention just about every one of our favourite bands tours to a nearby city. Here are my top 5 reasons to fall in love with fall.
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