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Mayday Parade Release A Tearjerker Of A Video For ‘Letting Go’

We’ve all had to say goodbye, we’ve all had to let someone go. It always hurts and it always sucks!

We hate to admit that we’ve all been there, but it’s true, Mayday Parade are just better at putting it into words that actually make sense. Have you heard the moody track ‘Letting Go‘ yet? If not it’s your lucky day, the countdown is over and you can now watch the video!
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A Reason To Get Excited For Fall: Mayday Parade Announce New Album “Black Lines”

For everyone who feels like this summer is going by wayyyy to fast, we’re giving you a reason to look forward to fall. That’s right, Mayday Parade have announced that they will be releasing their new album, Black Lines, October 9th via Fearless Records.  That’s only 70 sleeps!!!!!!!….but who’s counting?
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