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Falling In Reverse – Vans Warped Tour 2016

The Vans Warped Tour

Photos By: Desiree Mark
Date: August 12, 2016
Venue: White River Amphitheatre
City: Auburn, WA, USA
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Vans Warped Tour 2016 Photo Review

Date: August 12, 2016
Venue: The Whiteriver Amphitheatre
City: Auburn, WA, USA
Highlight: Emarosa’s set. Full of more cameos than you can imagine. read on…

You know its going to be a good day, when before you even go through the gates into the venue, someone hands you a harmonica…

Well, it’s that time again, the best day of the summer! Time for the annual Vans Warped Tour to roll through Enumclaw, yup that’s technically where it’s hosted, even though all the posters say “Auburn”- fun fact!
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How To: Your RM Guide to Warped Tour 2016!

With Vans Warped Tour well underway and quickly coming to a city near you, we here at RememberMEdia thought why not make our own one-of-a-kind guide to make this years Vans Warped Tour the best one yet!
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Under 21? Guess what? YOU CAN GO TO WARPED TOUR 2016!

That’s right! After doing some snooping on the matter we came across a very reassuring article by Tyler Sharp of Alternative Press (www.altpress.com) stating that, yes, Kevin Lyman did in fact confirm that whether you’re a band, or a fan, you do not need to be 21 to attend Warped Tour in 2016.

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4 New Bands Added To Warped Tour Line-Up 2015

Is Your Countdown Calendar Set?

Because according to mine- their are only 161 days, 13 hours, 40 minutes, and 42 seconds until the official start of the 2015 Warped Tour!

Today- Being As An Ocean, Born Cages, Rotting Out, and While She Sleeps have all been added to the exclusive Warped Tour set list.
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What Do Scorpion Pizza & Marianas Trench Have In Common?

They’re Both Delicious, & We Found Them Both At Edmonton’s Very Own K-Days!

Date: July 22, 2014
Venue: Telus Stage, Klondike Days, Northlands
City: Edmonton, AB
Highlight: Josh Ramsay’s red pleather pants. The 70’s called – they are terribly angry that you stole them, and would appreciate their safe return.
Reviewed By: Devan Rylee

9:00 am: Task of the Day – Find some poor sucker to eat a piece of Scorpion Pizza at Klondike Days. Film person eating it. Secretly hope said person throws up after eating it, purely for entertainment and shock value. Acknowledge that I’m a horrible person for hoping this.

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