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How To Warped Tour: RM Girls Desiree & Odessa Tell You Everything You Need To Know

With the start of the Vans Warped Tour just over two weeks away RM Girls Desiree and Odessa share their tips and trick for making this years tour, your best one yet!

Everything from how to get backstage to not dying, the girls have you covered!

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From The Vault: Vans Warped Tour 2015

It’s A Zoo Out There!

Date: August 9, 2015
Venue: White River Amphitheatre
City: Auburn, WA
Highlight: Playing the largest game of beer pong ever during Attila’s set…without beer, while listening to Fronz make sexual innuendos about playing with balls.
Reviewed By: Desiree Mark

The posters for this years Van’s Warped Tour are covered in a collection of animals about to bust out of a zoo, which we find fitting, because sometimes a day at Warped Tour can actually feel a lot like a day at the zoo. Think about it, you walk around checking out the “exhibits”, but instead of animals, your watching musicians, and instead of being in cages their on stages. Andddd…have you ever tried to get a hold of a bottle of water at Warped later in the day? I’d imagine being a wildebeest fighting for a spot at the local watering hole is on par as difficult.
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The Black Cat Tour

With Never Shout Never, Metro Station, Julevera, & Waterparks

Date: January 26, 2016
Venue: The Showbox
City: Seattle, WA, USA
Highlight: Dancing all night like I was ‘Seventeen Forever
Reviewed By: Desiree Mark

The love and good vibes never stopped the whole night, as The Black Cat Tour frolicked through Seattle’s Showbox Theatre, Tuesday January 26th.
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Never Shout Never- Black Cat

“Singing Songs, Clap Your Hands, Try And Sing Along, It’s A Catchy Tune, You Just Gotta’ Learn The Words.”


Release Date:  August 7, 2015
Label:  Warner Bros. Records
Rocks Like: The Ready Set, We The Kings
Recommended Track(s):  Hey! We OK, Red Balloon, Fone Tag
Rating: ****

Never Shout Never are back! Not only are they back, but they’re back with the  sound we all know and love from Myspace.com circa 2009. It may not be the year of hippie hair or odd angled bathroom selfies anymore but going from a one man band to a full group Christofer Drew has come full circle with “Black Cat.” Throughout their career Never Shout Never have presented us with many different sounds, but luckily for his faithful fan base he’s back to the bouncy pop/indie acoustic sound we all know and love. The group have also dabbled in the electronic sound which has recently took the music world by storm. The lyrics like always, give listeners a little glimpse into Cristofer Drew’s life story and thoughts.
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