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Picturesque Captivate With Cover Of “Becoming Closer To Closure” By Of Machines

Once in awhile a cover comes along that is just too good not to mention…

Case In Point:

Lexington, KY based band Picturesque bringing Of Machines back from the dead with their cover of “Becoming Close To Closure“.

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Picturesque Haunt Us With New Music Video For “Monstrous Things”

If hospitals have always given you the creeps, the boys in Picturesque have a very special treat for you!

It’s an exciting day for Equal Vision artists Picturesque, not only is it the first day of the “Back To Basics Tour” with Blessthefall, but also they have just released a new music video for their track “Monstrous Things“… All in a days work.
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Palisades Make You ‘Fall’ For Them All Over Again With New Song & Video

Want to know what Palisades have in store for 2016? Check out their latest music video, and newest release ‘Fall‘ right here!

Fall’ slows it down a bit, and reveals a softer side of Palisades,  it’s definitely different from the party rock vibes we grew familiar with jamming to Mind Games last year.
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The Younger Dreams Tour

With Our Last Night, Palisades, Hail The Sun, & Picturesque

Date: November 13, 2015
Venue: El Corazon
City: Seattle, WA, USA
Highlight: Being the first to ever hear ‘Alive‘ played live by Palisades in a beautiful tribute to the lives lost today in the Paris terrorist attacks.
Reviewed By: Desiree Mark

After driving down from Vancouver, we realized we probably could have swam quicker to Seattle, due to the torrential downpour that almost claimed my car, and my life, at least 10 times! Ironically, due to the horrific road conditions it was almost Our Last Night and no matter how hard we tried to Hail The Sun, we were caught in  the midst of a Picturesque downpour.
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