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The Latest News To Break The Internet: Footage Of [Potentially] New From First To Last Ft. Sonny Moore

That’s right, following all the craziness of the past summer which set our hopes high on a From First To Last reunion is a new rumour and suspicious video clip. The video seems to show Sonny Moore, AKA Skrillex in the studio singing on what could potentially be a new From First To Last song. The video which surfaced just 2 days ago has many viewers (us included) crossing our fingers yet again.
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The Bumbershoot Diaries 2012

Tall Tales Of An RM Girl At Seattle’s Most Beloved Music Festival

Date: September 10, 2012
Venue: Seattle Center
City: Seattle, WA, USA
Highlight: Watching Sky White, of Foxy Shazam toss his keyboard into the crowd,then chase in after it- all without missing a note.
Reviewed By: Lex Mars

Bumbershoot: Seattle’s Music and Arts Festival, after 42 years, has grown to become North America’s largest urban arts festival — and you bet your pretty little heads that Remember MEdia was there. As if we’d miss a chance to party in Seattle.
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