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The Youth Authority Tour

With Good Charlotte, Silverstein, Palaye Royal & Movements

Date: April 10, 2017
Venue: The Commodore Ballroom
City: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Highlight: Joel Madden thanking their sponsor Journey’s for making this tour possible, and having a lot of “sole/soul”
Reviewed By: Desiree Mark

I remember sitting in class back in high school, a long long long long long long long long time ago, (ok maybe I’m exaggerating slightly) zoning out as the teacher rambled on about who knows what, watching my girlfriend sitting next to me drawing that weird “S” thing all over her binder, and adding yet another heart to the picture of Good Charlotte guitarist Billy Martin taped to the cover. Kayla Fofonoff, if you’re reading this, I’m talking about you!
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Palaye Royale

(with Good Charlotte, Silverstein, & Movements)

Photos By: Desiree Mark
Date: April 10, 2017
Venue: The Commodore Ballroom
City: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Lead by their freshly blonde Tasmanian Devil of a frontman Remington Leith, Palaye Royale were back in Vancouver and ready to bring their unique fashion-alt-rock to The Commodore Ballroom. With clearly nothing in sight to hang from, we waited in anticipation to see what antics the boys would get up to tonight.
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Asking Alexandria Premier Music Video For ‘Here I Am’

In case you missed it, Asking Alexandria just premiered a music video for Here I Am”, the beautifully orchestrated ninth track off their new album, The Black released March 25th via Sumerian Records.

Deviating between wide grandiose shots of the band playing in the open countryside, and eerie story shots of the little girl and cloaked character from The Black’s album artwork partaking in some sort of fire ritual- the whole video is just slightly unsettling.

Stray From The Path Releases Track To Support The Ghost Inside

One thing about our music scene is everyone is super tight-knit. Stray From The Path released a track earlier today that tells the story of The Ghost Inside‘s tragic bus accident from  the perspective of friends just waiting for any news at all. The track is available for purchase and every dollar will go to The Ghost Inside as they recover. Read more below.

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The Warped Tour Lineup Is Here!

What an exciting day! Did you catch the live stream? RM Girls Shae and Shay were both at the Full Sail Campus today to cover the event. So even if you missed it, we’ve got you covered! Check out all the artists, stages and other goodies below!

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The Light In The Cave Tour

With I See Stars, Chunk, No Captain Chunk!, Get Scared, Palaye Royale & The White Noise

Date: February 18, 2016
Venue: The Canal Club
City: Richmond, VA
Highlight: Andrew Oliver blew us all away with his new position working the synth and the electronics. It’s refreshing to see him showcasing other talents!
Reviewed by: Shae Beaudoin

RM Girl Shae took a 17 hour bus ride from Orlando to Richmond to catch the second show on this tour. So naturally we felt the need to review it so the rest of you that are planning on attending, or who are still on the fence, can have a good idea of what to expect. Read on to see what her thoughts were!

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New Music Video from Asking Alexandria!

Finally! It’s been a long journey for Asking Alexandria this past year. The departure of vocalist Danny Worsnop left many fans unsure of the band’s future. Fear not! The new vocalist Denis Shaforostov has done us proud! Check out their new music video for The Black below!

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Road To Warped Tour Returning

We are already a month into the year 2016 which means we are one month closer to this year’s Vans Warped Tour! Vans Warped Tour will be kicking off its summer tour with the return of Road To Warped starting in Anchorage, Alaska on June 22nd at Sullivan Arena Lot. The lineup is pretty killer already and it’s highly likely the bands playing this date will also be joining on for the rest of the summer tour! Check it out below!

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