Blurryface Tour 2015 – Twenty One Pilots Ft. Echosmith, & Finish Ticket

With Twenty One Pilots, Echosmith, and Finish Ticket

Date: September 13, 2015
Venue: The Sound Academy
City: Toronto, ON
Highlight: Tyler & Josh‘s fearless personalities, as Tyler climbed up a platform tower with no restraints, and Josh crowd-surfed on a platform with his drum-kit.
Reviewed by: Sami Jewer

After the widely successful release of their fourth studio album, “Blurryface, Twenty One Pilots hit the road with indie-pop band, Echosmith, and alternative band, Finish Ticket, in support of the new album.

The Sound Academy housed the Toronto date of the show this past Sunday. Fans were lined up around the building patiently waiting to pack themselves into the venue, and get as close to the stage as possible (every concert-goers ‘not-so-secret’ mission). Walking the perimeter of the venue, one could spot countless female renditions of Josh Dun complete with the iconic red eye makeup and matching coloured hair.

In a whir of controlled chaos excited fans rushed their way into the venue as soon as the doors to the sold out show had opened. Security scanned tickets as fast as they could while the fans kept running through, creating a flurry of beeping scanners and adrenaline-pumped kids.

The tour opener, Finish Ticket, was scheduled to play at 7:30pm and began on time despite the small crowd that was actually let in before their set. With doors opening at 7pm, there was no possible way to fit a sold out show into the venue so quickly.

By the time the majority of the crowd filled the Sound Academy, Echosmith took the stage. Sydney Sierota owned the microphone and the crowd was loving every minute of it. After their set, Echosmith took photos with their fans at the merch table and thanked them for their support.

A few injuries had already taken place by this point, and the security worked hard to get those people safely out of the crowd between the end of Echosmith‘s set and the moment that the lights would dim for Twenty One Pilots. Water bottles were thrown towards the stage in anticipation. The fans made it obvious that they really wanted their favourite band on stage, and were protesting the idea of waiting another minute longer.

“The mic lowered from the ceiling for Tyler Joseph as the crowds screams filled the room. He grabbed the mic and started to rap the beginning of ‘Heavydirtysoul’ as Josh Dun began pounding on his drum-kit, showcasing his true drumming talent. The lights took over the stage in an insane display of white strobes and red spotlights.”

Throughout the show, the crowds energy never wavered. It’s no doubt that Twenty One Pilots knows how to keep a good set going, and that their fans are familiar with the concept too. The crowd sang along to every song without mistake, and they never once let their vocal cords rest during the entire show.

During ‘Doubt’, Tyler stopped to explain the crowds next task. Splitting the crowd in half, he gave each side instruction to sing, “don’t forget about me no” at different times to create the overlay effect found in the studio version of the song. You could hear the passion come to life, as each side of the crowds voices rang out in unison to create a breathtaking duet and an absolutely epic moment of the night.

Every follower of the band was anticipating the moment in the show when Josh Dun and his drum-kit would be carried by the fans out over the crowd. Josh continued to play while the fans tried to keep him steady. Before being lifted back onto the stage, he stood up, keeping his balance as well as he could, and tossed his drumsticks into the crowd.

The band announced their last song, and continued to thank Toronto for the amazing night. ‘Car Radio’ began, and the crowds voices filled the venue even louder. Nearing the end of the song, Tyler was no where to be found, until the screams pointed out that he was now climbing a platform tower near the back of the venue with no restraints. Free-standing, he finished the rest of ‘Car Radio’ seemingly taking in all of the crowds energy, and putting it forward into the song.

The fans screamed for an encore, and that’s what they got, Twenty One Pilots came back with the beginning of ‘Goner’. The song gradually built up the anticipation for the strong ending. Just when everyone thought it was over, the band gave it their final all with the last song of the night, ‘Trees’.

When the concert came to a close, fans left the show with huge smiles on their faces, merch in their hands, and the feeling of having been apart of something truly monumental. Twenty One Pilots did not disappoint.

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