Collide With The Sky Tour

With Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Tonight Alive, and Hands Like Houses

Date: November 16, 2012                                                                                Venue: El Corazon                                                                                                      City: Seattle, WA
Highlight: Pierce The Veil’s encore of King For A Day with Kellin Quinn, seeing two of the scenes leading vocalists sing their hearts out together.
Reviewed By: Desiree Mark

The day had finally come. Friday November 16, 2012. The must-see concert of the year had reached Seattle – The Collide With The Sky Tour featuring the talents of Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Tonight Alive, and Hands Like Houses, what a beautiful line-up.

“Both Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens are absolutely on fire right now, producing some of the years hottest albums, covering the glossy pages of every magazine on the stands, and then combining super powers to release a Oscar-worthy performance in Pierce The Veil’s music video for King For A Day. And you wonder why this show was sold out nearly straight across the board?”

The weather outside the El Corazon was freezing and soggy (ask any one of the dedicated fans who had been waiting outside in the rain since 6 am). Luckily, inside the sold out crowd made the venue quite cozy, and if you didn’t know the person standing next to you, whether you liked it or not, you were about to get real close and cuddly.

First up was Hands Like Houses from Canberra, Australia; an opening act that certainly held their own on this tour of amazing talent. This year has been a busy one for these Aussies, signing to Rise Records, debuting their first album Ground Dweller, releasing a music video for their single This Ain’t No Place For Animals and touring North America on three separate occasions. This band is definitely one to watch for 2013; both them and their show-stopping moustaches, yes Movember was in full swing here at the El Corazon. Anyways, their set was lively and hooked the crowd from the first chord. The best part about watching a band that only has one album is that you know they will surely play all your favourite tracks, and that they did. I was pleased that the band was able to play live to the high standards I already hold them to.  It’s rare you have an opening band where half the crowd already knows all the lyrics to their songs. Impressive.

Keeping with the down-under theme, next up to take the stage was Tonight Alive. A cheery little taste of pop-punk from Sydney, Australia.  Front-lady Jenna McDougall impressed me with her charming stage presence and infectious energy, the band brought to the stage a general feeling of joy as the entire crowd jumped to life…Ahhh pop-punk magic. It was evident that Jenna was meant to be on stage, there was nothing that could wipe the beaming smile off her face the entire set. She not only made me want to go buy all of her albums, but also made me want to be her best friend forever, such a sweetheart (although she dropped more “fuck’s than any boy on the tour, oh those silly fowl mouthed Aussies). During their set Tonight Alive has also been debuting their song Amelia to the US, the song was slow, and caused the room to crash to a halt but the intensity on stage sent shivers through the venue. The band also treated the crowd to their cover of Mumford and Sons Little Lion Man off the Punk Goes Pop 4 Compilation which had everyone in the room either moshing, or singing along. Such a fun set.

Next up, I prepared myself, because every girl in the venue was about to scream their hearts out as Kellin Quinn stepped on stage.

“Teenage heartthrob and vocalist extraordinaire, over the next 45 minutes it became almost humourous to watch the lit wave of phone cameras following Kellin’s every move.”

This was my first time seeing Sleeping With Sirens live, and I was curious to see what one of my current favourite bands had in store for us. Opening with Do It Now, Remember It Later all Kellin needed to do was recite the words “Whoa, Oh Oh” and from there the fans took over. Kellin pulled off a rather flawless set vocally with the exception of losing key a few times due to what seemed like technical issues with the monitor, or perhaps the fact that staying perfectly on key while crowd surfing a wave of 14-year-old girls is both a terrifying and equally challenging feat. Throughout the set the rest of the boys hammered on behind Kellin, effortlessly switching between the heavier riffs and the softer more melodic choruses. The band not only fed off each other’s energy but also from the energy of one amazing crowd, full of dedicated fans packed tightly to the stage; such good vibes all around.

The time had come, next up was Pierce The Veil: Perfection. Must I really say anything more? Seriously this band has it all figured out. PTV started their set off with May These Noises Startle You in Your Sleep Tonight which allowed for the perfect build up of excitement and intensity as the stage lights wandered the darkness and the muffled screams echoed out from behind the stage, only to break as Jaime, Tony, Mike and Vic made their dramatic entrance. From there they didn’t stop…hit after hit, mixing it up between the tour-titled Collide With The Sky album and older favourites from Selfish Machines and A Flair For The Dramatic.

“Part way through the set Vic slowed the show down for a touch of seriousness as he dedicated their song Hold On Till May to Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence. It’s so touching to see how much the scene pulls together as one big family when faced with the sadness of losing one of it’s own.”

Jenna later joined them to help out with Lindsey Stamey’s part on this very special song, together the crowd stood in respect for the lost. The song ended and the room went dark except for a lone spotlight illuminating Vic and his guitar. He then performed an on point acoustic version of Yeah Boy and Doll Face before being joined again by the rest of the band to liven it up for the last half of the set.

As surprised as I was that this show didn’t get bumped to a larger venue I was thankful to see PTV in such an intimate setting as I’ve only ever seen them play to the masses at Warped Tour, the beautiful thing was that the band appreciated this too. At one point during their set Vic mentioned that this was by far the smallest venue on the tour and he was thrilled about it because (due to no security barrier) the boys were able to literally reach out to their friends and fans. And that they did, for most of the show both Tony and Jaime were practically in the crowd dangling from beams at the front of the stage. These boys no matter the day, no matter the venue, whether its tens, or thousands of people seem thankful not for the fame or fortune their music has brought them, but rather for the opportunity to simply play music each and every day. Honest, Genuine and constantly proving that flawless musicianship is still the key to success.

The boys ended their set with Caraphernelia, but before they had even left the stage the crowd was already chanting for an encore.

“Talking about ending the night with a bang, I think we all knew it was coming…the encore of the year, to end the tour of the year. Pierce The Veil came back on stage to end the show with King For A Day with the help of Kellin.”

The waves of fans came crashing to the stage as fan after fan had their moment in the spotlight before being rushed off by security. I felt like everyone in the room had shared something that night, something we would all hold onto for the rest of our lives. Truly a great concert.


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