Dead Silence Tour

With Billy Talent, Sum 41, Hollerado, and Indian Handcrafts

Date: March 14, 2013                                                                                           Venue: Pacific Coliseum                                                                                                   City: Vancouver, BC                                                                                                      Highlight: Watching middle-aged men fangirl hard over Sum 41 in the best/worst way                                                                                                              Reviewed By: Desiree Mark

I feel like I should be drowning myself in shots of flavoured vodka and teasing my hair within an inch of it’s life because things are about to get a whole lotta’ 2004 up in here.

Arriving at the Pacific Coliseum, I had already mentally prepared myself, and come to terms with the fact that I would surely be one of the oldest people attending the Dead Silence Tour. I had to snicker to myself when I realized just how wrong I was. Turns out I wasn’t the only one excited for a night of reminiscing the good old days with my favourite high school shit-disturbers.

Loud enough to demand attention from the onslaught of arriving fans power-duo Indian Handcrafts from Barrie, Ontario got the night started, proving that you only need two people to make a lot of noise. In their short time on stage Brandyn Aikins and Daniel Allen managed to both get a small pit going, and earn their place as the loudest band on the tour.

Up next on the Canadian talent show of a bill was indie rock band Hollerado from Ottawa Ontario, whose sound seemed a little strange and hipstery alongside the rest of the booming line-up. I hadn’t heard much from Hollerado until this tour, and was pleasantly surprised by their cute and quirky sound, with adorably clever lyrics reminding me vaguely of Motion City Soundtrack. Unfortunately where lead singer Menno Versteeg excels in writing lyrics he lacks in being able to catch his dramatically tossed-in-air guitar, smashing himself in the face just a little, which made for a strangely fitting grand finale.

“Dear Sum 41, I’m afraid there are certain cards that prove difficult to play as you grow older; one of the most difficult being the pop-punk anti-hero. It’s hard to take you seriously as a band when you’re nearing middle age and still singing about trashing house parties.”

It’s time to either write one to the history books or write more relevant music.  Does anyone even remember anything past their 2002 release “Does This Look Infected”? because I certainly don’t. Luckily I think even the Sum 41 boys are aware, because their set was full of songs from a time passed, including “Motivation”, “In Too Deep”, and “Fat Lip”. Ok ok, I’ll play nice for a moment, and admit that I can still sing every catchy chorus from every one of their early hits, and Deryck still jumped around and rocked the stage like a seasoned pro (who doesn’t have ongoing back problems). Overall, I just couldn’t help but feel a little under whelmed by Sum 41’s set. Still there was beauty in the nostalgia of it all, and the various aging men re-living their youth and getting ‘oh so into it’.   Someone once said, “I’m sick of always hearing act your age,” Well boys, I’m afraid it may be time.

On to the true stars of the show, headliners Billy Talent, a band that makes me proud to say I’m Canadian.  Overwhelming stages since 1993, these guys always come full force and the Dead Silence Tour proved to be no different.

“In a scene with member ADD where a band can’t keep the same lineup for more than 6 months, it’s refreshing to see a band that’s been exactly the same since day one. The chemistry is obvious and is something only two decades of playing music together can create.”

Showcasing exactly why they have had such staying power the band destroyed tracks from across their career reminding us exactly how many hits they’ve had.

Ben Kowalewicz is an amazingly captivating frontman whose charisma as a vocalist seems only comparable to another little name you may recognize; yes I’m speaking of the one and only Dennis Lyxzen of legendary icons The Refused. Not to mention they are both equally sexy as hell. This definitely was no one-man show though, Ian, Jonathan, Aaron executed a tight, energetic, and on point set playing a large part in the ultimate success of the night.

PS- Next time play ‘The Ex


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