K-Days Showcases Legendary Canadian Rockers – Our Lady Peace

And A Phone Call Made Me Realize I’m Wrong

Date: July 19, 2014
Venue: Northlands, Telus Stage, Klondike Days
City: Edmonton, Alberta
Highlight: Raine Maida’s voice. Raine Maidas’s eyes. Raine Maida’s hair. You get the jist.. Is this what love feels like?
Reviewed By: Devan Rylee

9:00 am: Woke up craving Deep Fried Oreos and some good music to start my day off. Pretty typical morning.
9:07 am: Realized I’m going to Klondike Days today which means Deep Fried Oreos AND good music. Contemplate what good deed I did to deserve such a fantastic day.
10:00am: Do boring adult things like go to the bank, make tea, and knit. Realize I’m the only 26 year old that spends her Saturday knitting and that I’m almost late for the show due to (you guessed it) making a tiny knitted hat. I already regret admitting that I like knitting. Moving along…
7:00pm: Arrive at Klondike Days. Have to park 7 blocks away. Figure it will be my cardio for the day. Get lost. Get distracted by everything deep fried. How do you even deep fry butter? However it happens, it needs to be in my life. Right this second.
9:15pm: Shows supposed to start. Good, because I’m about to go into a deep fried coma any second now.
9:40pm: Still no Our Lady Peace. Am I still alive? Why did I eat the deep fried butter? Seriously though, how to you even deep fry butter?

It’s sort of ironic that the title of this review is a lyric from the song ‘4am’ because as I write this I realize that it’s (you guessed it) 4am. Okay, it’s not really that ironic because I’m sort of an insomniac and I’m up at 4am every single night anyways. That’s right folks, I’m not just awake because I can’t stop thinking about Raine Maida’s pitch perfect raspy voice, or the fact that I’m pretty much convinced that he’s my soulmate.

I remember seeing Our Lady Peace circa 2006, and it still feels like yesterday. Okay, that’s not true, because I actually don’t even remember what I did yesterday. I do, however, remember Maida’s gritty vocals and twitchy hand and upper body movements, that were just as prominent and endearing at this show as they were a short 8 years ago. Maida is deserving of more recognition than me simply fan-girling over how beautiful he is – not only is he the founding member of one of Canada’s most successful rock bands, but also a sought after producer, song writer, advocate and partner with War Child, and a Rockstar with strong political, cultural and economic views.

Enough about that though, let’s get back to the show! Our Lady Peace started off their set with ‘Superman’s Dead‘, the first single from their second album, and what I would say really kick started what was to become a successful music career. They also covered most of their well known radio hits  such as ‘Innocent’, ‘Is Anybody Home‘, ‘Clumsy‘, and even recreated a famous scene from the music video for ‘Somewhere Out There‘ by crawling up the side of the stage podium mid-song. Maida only stopped singing to take a quick breath and allow the audience to take over the choruses and sing in unison to the songs we all knew too well.

“And then, there it was, first interlude of the night – “Everyone shut up, Raine’s about to talk”. He informs the audience that him and the boys have been working endlessly in the studio working on  a new song- and with that, a sea of squeals and cheers erupts from the audience, myself included.”

I was beyond thrilled to hear about the new release, this proved that OLP had not become a band clinging to earlier successes without feeling the need to produce new music for their fans to learn and love. Maida chuckled and tells us they’ve only performed this song once before, and that it’s so new that he forgot the song title last night in Calgary and just made something up. He assured us the actual song title is ‘Won’t Turn Back‘.

“I want to tell you that the song was beautifully melodic and resonated with every emotion inside my body. But it didn’t, so I won’t.”

Although undoubtedly catchy, I heard myself singing along to the words the second time the chorus came along. It wasn’t that I had heard the song before, but I had heard such similar melodies and riffs on the radio for the past 5 years from other bands that it was that easy to pick up. Maybe I’m being a little harsh, but I just felt super underwhelmed by the song in comparison to Maida’s usually complex lyrics that stem from controversial yet interpretative topics which we’ve become accustomed to.

Maida then goes on to talk about his lovely and talented wife, singer/songwriter, Chantal Kreviazuk. “But there is another woman in my life” he says, “but it’s okay, because Chantal likes her too.” Cue the band singing Lana Del Rey’sSummertime Sadness‘. And then cue my ears starting to bleed. Okay, it really wasn’t that bad, but it really, really wasn’t that good. It was one of those things that looks great on paper, but in reality should never come to life. Combine one talented rock band, and one talented indie artist and you’d thing you’d get a lethally brilliant treat. Instead, you just get Vanilla Ice Cream. Low fat, melted Vanilla Ice Cream.

“But ordinary’s just not good enough today” – Superman’s Dead

Ordinary is one thing Our Lady Peace will never have to worry about being. Aside from two small hiccups, AKA, a cheesy song, and a musical cover mistake, the overall performance truly was amazing with each of the guys in the band offering a piece of their own character to create a hypnotizing stage presence and overall mind blowing show. Just please, no more ‘Summertime Sadness‘.

Devan Rylee


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