Silverstein Canada-US Tour

With Silverstein, Being As An Ocean, Emarosa, Cardinals Pride, Youth Decay, & Rarity

Date: March 8, 2016
Venue: The Imperial
City: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Highlight: The overwhelming nostalgia Silverstein brought to the crowd & the nonchalant 360 degree flip Bradley Walden of Emarosa did over bassist Marcellus Wallace.
Reviewed By: Rasha Al Harthy

The night began with a short entrance que off Main Street in the often sketchy downtown east side. A quiet… very misleading crowd gathered, for what was about to be a wild and highly energized night at the Imperial.

With last year’s release of their eighth studio album, I Am Alive In Everything I Touch, Silverstein hit the road for a cross Canada/US tour in support of the new album. Bringing along with them: Being As An Ocean, Emarosa, Cardinals Pride (who did not attend the Vancouver date) Youth Decay, and Rarity.

As I said, the night started out quiet, with only a handful of people showing up for the opening band at an early start time of 6.30pm. Rarity, from Hamilton, ON, were the first ones up, and took the stage putting on a great, engaging show for all who came to watch. They played a couple of tracks off their album, Alive In Your Eyes, as well as ‘Stranger’, a track off their upcoming album, I Couldn’t Be Weaker. By the third song, frontman Loeden Learn just couldn’t take it anymore, and jumped off the stage to perform the entire track on the floor in a bold attempt to get the audience moving.  No one really seemed to want to join in – we’re guessing everyone was saving themselves for what they knew was coming. Rarity ended their set with their most popular track, Anne Hathaway’, but not before genuinely thanking everyone for coming out early and supporting them.

Next up were Youth Decay locals from Vancouver, BC. The entire band had such high energy and their songs reflected that. By this time people had started gathering around, and the show started picking up momentum, when lead singer, Stu McKillop, got down to perform on the floor people started dancing and bopping their heads to the quick rifts and drum beats. By the second song, the front was already filling up, just in time for the song, Hysteria’ which had the highest energy of the three songs so far. They also performed Waiting On Something’ and then closed with Psycho Cyclist’, which was a fast rhythmic song that got people going crazy.

Fun note:Psycho Cyclist’ had all the Vancouver locals in hysterics from the irony and relevance of the lyrics, as anyone from Vancouver knows the ongoing feud between motorists and cyclists, and the overall maniacal way in which people ride bikes in this city.

Emarosa were up next, a band the crowd went wild for. They hit the dim, green light stage with their latest track, ‘People Like Me, We Just Don’t Play’ while their fans were riled up on the floor, head banging and dancing. Half way through the show during Hundred Crowns’, an epic thing happened; Bradley flipped Marcellus Wallace 360 degrees, WHILE he was on his instrument! All I have to say is, “You should have been there! Anyways, they had more epic stage antics in store for us after that, like Bradley Walden piggy backing on a fan, the lead guitarist performing a solo on a fan’s back, and ending the set with a song on the floor with moshers all around singing with him into the microphone. It was an electric performance. They definitely know how to put on a show!

Reeling in the crowd, Being As An Ocean performed the first set of songs from Dear G-d…, ‘The Hardest Part Is Forgetting Those You Swore You Would Never Forget’ the Dear G-d…, tracks that are pretty heavy on unclean vocals are the ones that got the crowd moshing from the get go. Their set had such immense energy and great vibe all round. They then sang songs off their latest self-titled album while Joel Quartuccio (lead singer) crowd surfed, and everyone was having a blast. Joel also preached, throughout the night, an inspiring message about the homeless and how we should think of them as an equal and that all we need to make this world a better place is love. Truly inspiring!

Now to the highlight of the night, Silverstein. Before getting into how awesome and nostalgic their performance was, it was interesting to note that the band sported the re-issued This Is How The Wind Shifts: Addenum album cover as a backdrop instead of I Am Alive In Everything I Touch – the album they were promoting… Hmmmm?

Anyway, their entire set was a mixture of the old and the new. They started off with Stand Amid The Roar’ and that got everyone hyped – and intensified the atmosphere for sure. Shortly after, they hit the crowd with ‘Massachusetts, a classic that enticed the rowdy crowd even more! It was awesome that it was a 19+ show because it felt like everyone there was enjoying the nostalgic tracks, feeling like a teenager again. Just when you thought that ‘Massachusetts’ would never end, they started performing Face of the Earth’, another great track off their new album. They then railed on with Dagger’, ‘Heaven, Hell & Purgatory’, ‘I Am The Arsonist’, ‘Silent Seas’, ‘One Last Night’, ‘Smile In Your Sleep’, ‘Late on The 6th’, ‘Red Light Pledge’, ‘Sacrifice, In The Dark’, ‘Smashed Into Pieces’ and Vices’.

All of a sudden the light dimmed and Silverstein walked off the stage, everyone thought they were done, except they weren’t. Shane then emerged with an acoustic guitar, sat on the stool that was placed in the middle of stage and started singing Toronto’ with the rest of the band members coming back out to help powerfully end the song. It was a moment full of pride and togetherness as a Canadian audience. After that great mellow break, they continued their heavy-hitting show with ‘Call It Karma’ before ending it with the song we were all waiting to hear, ‘My Heroine’, where Shane gave the crowd the mic and together the venue came alive with the lyrics:

“You taught my heart, a sense I never knew I had. I can forget, the times that I was lost and depressed from the awful truth. How do you do it? You’re my heroine!”

Definitely a show full of energy and throwbacks! If you haven’t seen them live yet,  here’s your chance. And, here’s a spoiler, Shane Told and the rest of the band sound as amazing live as they do on the albums! Supporting acts were delightful – all in all a great night!

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