The Back To The Future Hearts Tour

With All Time Low, Sleeping With Sirens, Neck Deep, & One Ok Rock

Date: November 13, 2015
Venue: Deltaplex Arena
City: Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Highlight: The band breaking out into spontaneous cover songs, where Jack was finally able to prove why he really should have been All Time Low’s lead singer all along.
Reviewed By: Sami Jewer

All Time Low took Sleeping With Sirens, Neck Deep, and One Ok Rock out on the road with them for the ‘Back To The Future Hearts Tour’. Excited fans of all four bands jumped on these tickets the moment that they went on sale. The demand for tickets was so high that tickets for sold-out dates of the tour were going for nearly $150 each, through secondhand-sales.

The Deltaplex Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was the place to be on Friday the 13th. The line up of fans waiting patiently to get in wrapped around the outside of the arena and seemed as if it never stopped growing (especially in the minutes leading up to the 5pm open doors). Although this particular date of the tour was not sold out, the turn-out was impressive nonetheless. When the doors opened, the GA floors began to fill up with bodies, and the seats in the stands were quickly claimed.

The tour opener, One Ok Rock, started the night off right. You know the night is going to be good when the opener is known for drawing crowds in the thousands back in their home country! It was announced that it would be their last set on the tour, and their performance that night really showed how much they appreciated being there. They brought Justin Hills from Sleeping With Sirens on stage to accompany them for a song, and thanked the fans for supporting them throughout the tour.

It was easy to see that Neck Deep was a band that most of the crowd recognized. Their set was full of energy which made it very entertaining, even for the few who may not have been familiar with their music.

Sleeping With Sirens took the stage ready to pump up the crowd for All Time Low. They filled their set with tracks off of their latest album release, ‘Madness’. And for the longtime fans, they included some tracks from ‘Let’s Cheers To This’ and ‘If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack’, that really hit home.

During All Time Low‘s set up, you could feel the anticipation building. Rian’s Future Heart‘s drum set was wheeled out onto the stage, while mic stands were restocked with ATL guitar pics. A white curtain was released from the ceiling, dividing the stage from the screaming fans on the other side.

Jay-Z and Kayne West‘s, ‘Ni**as In Paris’, played at a much higher volume than the rest of the pre-show music. The Hustlers in the crowd psyched themselves up for the arrival of their favorite band as they knew that this rap song marked the final minutes of the countdown to All Time Low.

When the song came to an end, Alex made his way onto the stage behind the white curtain and started, ‘Satellite’, while slowly being joined by his bandmates. The curtain dropped and Future Heart‘s second track, ‘Kicking and Screaming’ began. The fans screams grew louder as Jeff Maker‘s incredible lighting designs bounced vibrant colors around the arena. All Time Low‘s energy never let up throughout the entire show, and the crowd showed no sign of stopping either.

On this particular night, the band sounded extra amazing. Alex‘s vocals had never sounded better, Jack‘s guitar riffs were spot on, Rian‘s beats were loud and clear, and Zack‘s bass line stood out strong. They somehow always manage to do the impossible and continually improve their sound and show quality with each and every tour. There is no slowing down for All Time Low.

“During the set, the band spontaneously broke out into cover songs, where Jack was finally able to prove why he really should have been All Time Low’s lead singer all along.”

Jack, known for his humorous stage antics, made the arena fill with laughter again and again. A blow up alien was even thrown up on stage, and then used as the punch line for numerous sexual innuendos.

Alex slowed the set down for a few songs with his acoustic, starting with ‘Cinderblock Garden (Acoustic)’. He then gave the crowd the option of hearing ‘Therapy’ or ‘Remembering Sunday’, and ‘Sunday’ won by a landslide. The band joined him halfway through ‘Missing You’, and the concert pace picked up yet again.

Nearing the end of the show, Alex teased the idea of no encore. This is our last song, he announced as the crowd reacted with a choir of disapproval, “do you guys believe in encores?” After the song, the band left the stage and chants of “All Time Low” and “one more song” filled the silence. The sound of the fans brought the band back for three final songs.

When ‘Dear Maria’ came on, the crowd surfers went wild. Bodies were thrown towards the stage forcing the security guards in the pit to move quickly. The crowd was having a blast, and the smile’s on stage made it obvious that All Time Low enjoyed their time with the people of Grand Rapids. When the song was over, the post-show music began. ‘Uptown Funk’ kept the groove going at the Deltaplex, while drumsticks, pics, set-lists, water bottles, and other various stage items were tossed into the crowd by the band. With a final thank you and goodbye, All Time Low left the stage, and the crew began to pack up, as fans made their way out.

“It’s easy to leave an All Time Low show feeling on top of the world. The energy from the night never dies, and that post-show euphoria doesn’t seem eager to fade away either. The ‘Back To The Future Hearts Tour’ made for an incredible night out in Michigan on Friday the 13th and fans in attendance were anything but unlucky!”

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