The Fight To Unite Tour

With Haley Rose, New Years Day, The Bunny The Bear, William Control, Polka Dot Cadaver, Brokencyde, and Blood On The Dance Floor

Date: April 11, 2012
Venue: Studio Seven
City: Seattle, WA, USA
Highlight: Post-show pillow fight and interview with BOTDF’s very own Dahvie Vanity
Reviewed By: Desiree M

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 – I had a feeling this night was going to be an interesting one. Studio Seven middle-of-nowhere-land, Jack Daniel’s on tap, almost getting dropped by a kilt-wearing bodyguard, gangstaaaa driving, 3 am interviews and pillow fights from Dahvie’s bed, confetti cannons+foam party=camera death. Fight To Unite Tour 2012. Let’s get freaakkkkkyy now….

When it comes to a Blood On The Dance Floor show anything and everything goes, stepping into Studio Seven was like stepping into a magical little fucked up fantasy world. I kept wondering where all the unicorns were hiding. Although there may not have been any imaginary creatures, the audience was full of other entertaining sorts including haggard old whisky sipping Harley Davidson riders, Neon raver kids practicing their little raver kid talents from dark corners of the venue, little children who should not be out past 8 never mind be singing along to lyrics cooing “scream for my ice cream,” as well as teenage girls who think a bra/hello kitty backpack combo is an appropriate outfit for wearing…well… anywhere.

Due to being fashionably late as per usual, my lovely cameraman Donald Risky and I arrived around 6pm and missed some of the opening acts, i.e. The Bunny The Bear, New Years Day, and Haley Rose. Unfortunate, however we unknowingly caught up with the boys of The Bunny The Bear while looking for beverages. Charming yes, and parking lot alcoholics these boys definitely warmed my trashy heart from the beginning, and they’re music’s not half bad either. Slightly trippy, intriguing, intricate, unpredictable, and certainly not a band I would want to watch on acid.

Arriving in a rush of heels and hard liquor, true Remember MEdia style, Donald and I arrived just in time to see the gentlemen of William Control take to the stage. As a side project from Seattle’s very own, ever-popular goth rock band Aiden, William Control drew an impressive crowd of locals for an opening act. Neither Wil or Nick are strangers to the tour life, and seemed kind of like the parents of the tour, masters of the scene unleashing some unexpectedly dark passion upon a neon-plagued audience. During the short 25-minute set, the boys proved that musically they were probably the most talented act on the tour and powered through an impressively captivating set including songs from all three studio albums. Some people are just meant to entertain and front man Wil is certainly one of them.

“Charismatic and full of dark magic Wil’s sinful voice paired smoothly to a house synth beat he has created a sound that had all our dark hearts melting.”

Following William Control was Polkadot Cadaver , a transition that truly showcased the diversity of the tour. The only way I can think of describing Polkadot Cadaver would be if there were a sound to go with the fear of clowns. Think tech metal meets the most terrifying carnival funhouse you ever made the mistake of entering. This set had a little bit of everything, from a MJ cover of Billie Jean to a rather unsuccessful wall of death, smashing, thrashing and polka dots. Slightly all over the place and a tad unsettling I think the audience may have been caught a little off guard, I certainly was.

And from an obscure virtually unknown band, to someone a little more familiar came Deuce or “The Producer”, as you may more warmly remember former front man of Rap-rock group Hollywood Undead, needless to say I was a tiny bit excited. HU has always held a place in my heart, and unfortunately I never had the opportunity to make it to a show before Deuce controversially departed the band in early 2010. Starting with a rendition of Undead which seemed to serve as a reminder of who exactly Deuce is, where he comes from, and why he may sound familiar he powered through an aggressive set that had enough shock factor to not only capture the attention of the anxious crowd but also prove that he really doesn’t need the rest of HU anymore. On a side note, one of the guys of Deuce was wearing his own merch, and I’m not sure how I felt about that. I don’t know if it was slight desperation, or slight arrogance, either way.

All right everyone, it’s Crunk-Core time, who’s excited for a little Brokencyde? What no one? Say what you want, these boys may be one of the most infamous acts in the scene but someone out there is buying enough albums to keep them going.

“Guilty Pleasurez, never has an album name been more fitting, no matter how sober I am or how autotuned they are, I will always start dancing when Freaxxx comes on.”

Their set also kind of goes along with the age old theory, although in this case practice may not make perfect but it certainly makes things a whole lot better. Compared to their appearance on the 2 Drunk 2 Fuck Tour circa last summer the boys seemed to have either written catchier songs, or actually improved talent-wise. Music aside the boys of Brokencyde are just so cute and nerdy. You keep singing about your Hummer, I must have missed it out in the parking lot when I came in.

Meanwhile I still hadn’t seen my dear friend Dahvie who kindly invited me and the rest of the RM crew out to the show, and for an exclusive Seattle post show interview. After being thoroughly entertained by Brokencyde we stepped outside for some fresh air, and I saw Dahvie swooning a small group of fans with kisses and BOTDF charm. Needless to say drunkenly and over-excited I ran up to him to give him the biggest I miss you hug ever, well, apparently that was a bad idea, because if it wasn’t for Dahvie yelling back at me, grabbing me in his arms and kissing my cheek his bodyguard (kilt and all) would have dropped me violently to the pavement. Who said my job was all glitz and glamour?

Anticipation at it’s finest; it was time for headliners Blood On The Dance Floor. I can always count on my boys Dahvie and Jayy for some entertaining and sometimes controversial stage time. This show was surprisingly tame compared to past encounters.

“And by tame I of course mean, confetti cannons going off every few minutes, foam machines turning Studio Seven into a girls gone wild episode, Dahvie getting next to naked and flashing the crowd and some stage hand carefully taking a saw to Jayy’s belt buckle causing an explosion of sparks and making us all a little nervous for that beautiful boy.”

Their hour set had no lulls, and was energetic from start to finish. It was also nice to see that they had brought along a tour bus of live accompaniments as opposed to using tracked instruments. Proving that they like to do things the BOTDF way stage diving may have also been reinvented as Dahvie floated over the crowd on an inflatable turtle, really could these shows get anymore random?

Overall, I like the new direction the Blood On The Dance Floor boys have taken, pushing the ideals of unity, empowerment, and most importantly love. There fans love them, and they truly love their fans spending hours after shows ensuring that each and everyone that came out to support them has a moment of their undivided attention. Say what you want about their music, but these guys know how to please.

From rap, to goth rock, electronica to polkacore and back, The Fight To Unite Tour was a strange concoction of tour tied together with a nice little bow of synths and electronic beats, very entertaining.



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