The Journeys Noise Tour

With Issues, I Killed The Prom Queen, Ghost Town, Marmozets, and Nightmares)

Date: November 8, 2014
Venue: The Phoenix Concert Theatre
City: Toronto, ON
Highlight: During Issues’ performance of Disappear (Remember When) when all the lights shut off and only lighters and cell phone screens illuminated the room. Tyler Carter along with every single person in the audience sang their hearts out in a seemingly rehearsed a cappella rendition.
Reviewed by: Joëlle Dahan

When Journeys announced their 2014 Noise Tour with first time headliners Issues and special guests I Killed The Prom Queen, Ghost Town, Marmozets and Nightmares, the hardcore world became a much happier place. The tour started in late October and will continue through mid December giving fans across North America the chance to catch their favorite bands live.

As I walked into the venue before the show, I noticed a few things: the amount of wonderfully colored hair in the crowd (I have bright purple hair, so I’m guilty too!), the random Mexican food stand in the middle of the venue, and the amount of girls going gaga over Issues frontman Tyler Carter (okay…maybe I’m guilty for that too).

As I walked into the venue, Nightmares were halfway through their set and asking the crowd to form a “wall of death.” Being the tiny girl that I am, I ran away and directed myself to the Mexican food stand where I went ahead and ordered some tacos and a Dr. Pepper.

Worst. Decision. Ever.

Getting back to business, Marmozets, a five-piece alternative rock band from West Yorkshire, UK, hit the stage a short while later. I personally had never heard of Marmozets until this day, but the people around me described them as Britain’s hardcore version of Paramore. Marmozets’ front-woman Becca Macintyre’s proved this with her exorcism-esque movements on stage.  She surely  rocked out harder than any other person in the venue that night.

Up next was American electronicore band Ghost Town, pulling from their repertoire of catchy hooks and choruses. Their set was entertainingly energetic and got the whole crowd dancing and singing along to all of their signature creepy cute lyrics. “This is your last chance to jump with us,” shouted Kevin Ghost as their set came to a close.  At this point the room was literally shaking. At the end of their performance the band announced that they would be outside to meet with anyone who wanted to come say “hi”. This is when it got a bit intense. A herd of people quickly stampeded through the venue to meet them (somewhat resembling  Walmart on Black Friday). True to their word, Ghost Town met, chatted, signed autographs and took pictures with each of their fans outside the concert hall.

By the time Australian metalcore band I Killed The Prom Queen came on stage, the crowd grew larger, the circle pit grew deeper, and the amount of people crowd surfing  quickly escalated. I continued to wonder if the the roof was about to collapse and kill us all.

“Let’s see what you got Toronto! Let’s fuck this place up!”

Yelled front man Jamie Hope as he walked on stage. Throughout their set it seemed as though many people in the crowd had been waiting patiently since before the bands hiatus in 2008 to once again hear their favourite songs live. By the end of their set, the crowd begged for an encore but the band walked off stage and made way for Issues.

The Journeys Noise Tour was the first headlining tour for Issues, the six-piece metalcore band from Atlanta, Georgia. They played a one-hour set that night consisting of fourteen of their most popular songs including a two song bonus during their encore.

“Issues also by far had the most amazing crowd that night. Their fans proudly sang along to every song, crowd surfed, moshed, jumped, danced and even cried a little while watching their set.”

The chemistry between the clean vocals of Tyler Carter,  and unclean vocals of Michael Bohn played together perfectly as the music crashed along behind them.

The highlight of the night had to be during the bands performance of Disappear (Remember When) when all the lights shut off and only lighters and cell phone screens illuminated the room. Tyler Carter along with every single person in the audience sang their hearts out in a seemingly rehearsed a cappella rendition.

The night ended with Issue’s second encore Hooligans, as the crowd passionately chanted along, clinging to the last few notes of the song.

“Hooligans, Got big hearts but they’re just some kids, Cali made, flashy sins, Need nobody ’cause we know where we fit in”.

After having seen Carter and Bohn perform with their previous band Woe Is Me a few years ago, I can honestly say it wasn’t the same watching them perform with Issues this time round. There was a sort of maturity and finesse that only years doing what you love can genuinely create.

As the end of the night rolled around, I stood there taking everything in and realized that Issues truly gave me everything I wanted in a concert. Hearing them play and seeing how much fun everyone in the crowd was having made me feel something indescribable. As far as tour headlining goes, tonight made it apparent this may have been a first, but definitely not a last for the incredibly talented boys of Issues. We’ll be seeing you again soon.

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Joelle Dahan

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  1. This was such an amazing tour! loved singing a long to every song, especially the end of disappear! I still dont think my voice has come back fully. Great review.

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